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Sydney Blanchard

Sydney Blanchard is the Editorial Assistant for KMWorld magazine and KMWorld NewsLinks, a weekly email newsletter published by KMWorld magazine. She can be reached directly at

Articles by Sydney Blanchard

Neo4j and AWS collaborate to drive accurate, transparent, and explainable GenAI

Neo4j, one of the world's leading graph database and analytics companies, has unveiled a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS aimed toward enabling enterprises to improve generative AI (GenAI) results with greater accuracy, transparency, and explainability by leveraging a combination of knowledge graphs, native vector search, and AWS integrations.

Adapting and accepting GenAI in KM and content delivery

David Seuss, CEO at Northern Light, and Johnny Kinnaird, director of AI success at Shelf, joined KMWorld's webinar, Using Generative AI for Fast, Accurate Knowledge from Unstructured Content, to highlight the role that generative AI (GenAI) can play in optimizing unstructured content access, driving better decision making, lower operational costs, and increased revenue overall.

MeteorAI by Caylent accelerates quality GenAI app development for AWS customers

MeteorAI is a proprietary generative artificial intelligence (AI) framework that amplifies the power of company data and expedites the experimentation cycle of generative AI solutions

Version 23.3 of Armis Centrix supercharges cyber exposure intelligence and applicability

Armis, the asset intelligence cybersecurity company, is unveiling version 23.3 of the Armis Centrix platform, the cyber exposure management solution that sees, secures, protects, and manages billions of assets around the world in real time. The latest release focuses on expanding the applicability of the platform, introducing enhanced integrations for more strategic, intelligent outcomes, as well as automation and alert improvements for enhanced granularity.

Unlocking the power of ChatGPT for customer service with USU

Robbie Plourde, global principal solution engineer at USU, and Florian Schwingenschloegl, enterprise sales manager at USU, joined KMWorld's webinar, Unlocking the Future: ChatGPT Integration and Digital Transformation of Customer Service, to examine how USU's knowledge management expertise can invite digital transformation that leverages the true power of GenAI.

How Pryon mitigates the risks of GenAI in enterprise contexts

Experts from Pryon joined KMWorld's webinar, Navigating the Risks of Generative AI for Knowledge Management, to explore Pryon's AI knowledge management platform

Rockset achieves billion-scale similarity search, driving scalable AI apps

New integrations enables developers to efficiently scale AI applications in the cloud

Tips on hosting knowledge-sharing events at KMWorld 2023

Luis Rodriguez led KMWorld 2023's session, "Humans Connect as AI Surges!" to share tips and lessons learned from the Technology Day (previously Expertise Day) event, offering insights on uniting humans and AI in effort to drive engagement and learning

AI and ethics for the enterprise at KMWorld 2023

Anthony J Rhem, CEO/principal consultant, A. J. Rhem & Associates, and author, Knowledge Management in Practice and Essential Topics in Artificial Intelligence, led KMWorld 2023's Enterprise AI World session, "AI & Ethics for the Enterprise," to explore viable and comprehensive ways that enterprises can cultivate truly responsible and trustworthy AI.

KMWorld 2023’s second day keynotes strike the balance between human connection and AI

At KMWorld's keynote session, experts in their fields covered a myriad of KM topics pertinent to the dynamic nature of modern business. Each speaker emphasized an overarching purpose regarding knowledge at the proprietary level—that it should spark joy and productivity, bringing users extraordinary experiences and new, exciting opportunities.

Generative AI in KM initiatives at KMWorld 2023

Jason McCullagh, director, marketplace alliances, Upland BA Insight Software, led KMWorld 2023's session, "Generative AI in KM Initiatives," to consider the ways GenAI and KM initiatives can find success as a formidable unit rather than warring concepts, walking attendees through  trends, technologies, and practical considerations of a united GenAI and KM strategy. 

KM and the future of work at KMWorld 2023

Lynda Braksiek, principal research lead, knowledge management, APQC, and Jeff Willinger, digital experience director, Withum, led KMWorld 2023's session, "KM & the Future of Work," to discuss the latest advancements in technology and how that will alter the path of KM and its practitioners.

Putting enterprise search in perspective at KMWorld 2023

Sebastian Klatt, senior consultant, Raytion GmbH, led KMWorld 2023's Enterprise Search and Discovery session, "Putting Enterprise Search in Perspective," to examine the principles of enterprise search, bringing back into focus its true value and use cases.

Communication, collaboration, and employee platforms at KMWorld 2023

Experienced KM practitioners from TechnipFMC led KMWorld 2023's session, "Communication, Collaboration, and Employee Platforms," to share their tips and techniques for engaging employees across the globe and the digital landscape

Evolution or transformation? Rethinking KM in the chaos of disruption at KMWorld 2023

Suzan Pickels, knowledge manager at CRB, led KMWorld 2023's session, "Evolution or Transformation? Rethinking KM in the Chaos of Disruption," to exemplify the ways in which CRB is leveraging new tech to prioritize knowledge efforts, address clients' needs, and invest in AI analysis and application

Generative AI search: preventing defects and creating an answer engine

Colin Harman, head of technology, Nesh, and Ryan Welsh, founder and CEO, Kyndi, led KMWorld 2023's session, "Generative AI Search: Preventing Defects and Creating an Answer Engine," to explore the shortcomings and potential successes of generative AI (GenAI) search.

Communities of practice for knowledge sharing and innovation at KMWorld 2023

Stan Garfield, author of five KM books and founder of SIKM Leaders Community led KMWorld 2023's workshop, "Communities of Practice for Knowledge Sharing & Innovation," discussing community fundamentals and foundations that invite successful CoPs that emphasize community culture, management, goals, and measurements.

Building a governance model for enterprise knowledge at KMWorld 2023

Art Murray, CEO, Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc. and director, enterprise of the future program, International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, led KMWorld 2023's workshop, "Building a Governance Model for Enterprise Knowledge," to explore the seven major facets of organizational knowledge governance that, in the face of the proliferation of KM assets, place KM joy at the forefront.

SnapLogic and Acolad partner to deliver GenAI translation and integration solutions

SnapLogic, the generative integration company, is announcing its partnership with Acolad, a content and language solutions provider, aimed at developing and delivering generative AI (GenAI) translation solutions for both language and integration professionals alike.

Thinking critically of GenAI and its knowledge management application

Expert panelists joined KMWorld's roundtable webinar to offer their expertise in cutting-edge applications and benefits of GenAI for capturing, curating, and distributing knowledge successfully

DeltaXML launches ConversionQA for enhanced converted document integrity

DeltaXML, an innovator in the world of document management and XML comparison, is launching ConversionQA, a document assurance solution that examines document content that has undergone conversion, driving confidence in documents' adherence to its original source.

The GenAI surge: Navigating best practices and strategies for successful usage

A panel of experts joined KMWorld's webinar, Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Strategies: A GenAI Journey, to examine GenAI strategies and best practices

Digibee debuts AI-based documentation for rapid understanding of pipeline integrations

Digibee, an integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) company that helps organizations build flexible, highly scalable integration architecture, is introducing the AI Generator for Pipeline Documentation—a capability leveraging generative AI (GenAI) practices to help enterprises understand their integration processes—to its integration platform.

Appian’s Connected Underwriting Life Workbench optimizes workflows for insurance underwriting

New workbench enables holistic underwriting automation and workload management to improve operational efficiency and underwriter experience

Optimizing document and workflow productivity with the Foxit PDF Editor Suite

Deboshree Sarkar, senior product marketing manager at Foxit, and Zlatko Gornjevski, EMEA senior solutions engineer at Foxit, joined KMWorld's webinar, Exploring Foxit PDF Editor Suite: All-In-One Productivity Platform, to offer webinar viewers the solution to this age-old KM inefficiency: A comprehensive, unified workflow productivity product designed to empower workers with flexibility, efficacy, and efficiency in an increasingly disparate and digital era.

UiPath’s Autopilot blends AI and automation for enhanced workflow productivity

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, is debuting Autopilot—the latest AI-powered solution that blends generative AI (GenAI), specialized AI, and automation—enabling UiPath Business Automation Platform users to rapidly automate workflows using natural language.

Exploring content management, security, and governance in the digital era

Experts joined KMWorld's webinar to guide viewers through mastering content governance, security, and management while making room for contemporary digital practices

Mediaflux Pocket combines multifactor authentication with authorization for enhanced data access security

Arcitecta, the data management software company, is releasing Mediaflux Pocket, a new multifactor authentication and authorization (MFA&A) application designed to address the myriad issues associated with unauthorized access to data repositories and file systems filled with sensitive data.

Cognizant and Vianai partner to empower enterprise LLM development and application

Cognizant, the engineers of modern business, and Vianai Systems, Inc., the human-centered AI platform and products company, are announcing a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating global go-to-market strategies for human-centered AI solutions.

Leostream 2023.2 enhances remote IT with new vendor support, self-hosting options, and UI

Leostream 2023.2, the latest iteration of the company's Remote Desktop Access Platform, is designed to empower IT teams to "work-from-anywhere"

SYSPRO and SugarCRM partner to deliver an integrated ERP and CRM solution

SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and SugarCRM, the provider of the award-winning AI-driven CRM platform, are announcing their recent partnership aimed at offering mid-market manufacturers and distributors a tightly integrated ERP and CRM solution for improved operational efficiency.

Tiger Eye Blueprint relaunches with specific focus on longevity, scalability, and legal KM

Tiger Eye Blueprint is revamped with future-proof capabilities, enhanced scalability, and specific features for legal KM workloads

ClearDATA continues to offer healthcare orgs comprehensive, secure, and configurable cloud data management

ClearDATA is enhancing its portfolio with service and support options that focus on accommodating customers' unique cloud maturities, compliance requirements, and security expertise

HumanFirst’s Google Cloud alliance empowers advanced unstructured data management and AI performance

HumanFirst, the low-code data productivity suite, is announcing a new Google Cloud alliance aimed at enabling enterprises all over the world to enhance data insight discovery and AI application performance based on unstructured, text-based data. 

Caylent unveils RAG knowledge base framework for rapid and comprehensive genAI implementation

Caylent, the cloud services company and AWS Premier Tier partner, is debuting the Generative AI (GenAI) Knowledge Base Catalyst, a proprietary Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) knowledge base framework, built on AWS Bedrock and powered by Anthropic's Claude 2, that accelerates the implementation of genAI-based knowledge management.

$7.5M in Pre-Series A funding supercharges Aampe’s marketing AI

Solution provides foundational AI infrastructure for marketers to personalize messaging at scale

Apica’s Generative AI Assistant enriches data context and fills knowledge gaps

Apica, a leader in data management and active observability, is debuting a new generative AI (genAI) assistant for the Apica Ascent Platform, designed to enrich data context and fill knowledge gaps.

Implementing trustworthy and reliable KM generative AI

Jeff Evernham, VP of strategy and solutions at Sinequa, and Ryan Welsh, founder and CEO of Kyndi, explore strategies and best practices for implementing genAI with accuracy and reliability

Approaching successful digital journeys with AI: Questions to consider

Joe Pairman, director of product management Tridion at RWS, and Rahel Anne Bailie, executive consultant at ICP, joined KMWorld's webinar, Delivering Better Digital Journeys with AI, to explore how AI holds the key toward crafting digital experiences that build loyalty and engagement, increase productivity, and overcome information silos.

SolarWinds launches new service management solution and enhances database observability

SolarWinds, the provider of simple, powerful, secure observability, and IT management software, is unveiling a series of new service management and database observability solutions that are engineered to forward positive business outcomes while maximizing the productivity of IT environments.

AnswerRocket brings enhancements to Max, the genAI analytics assistant

GenAI analytics platform unlocks actionable business insights with Max, a highly customizable AI data analyst

Secoda raises $14M in Series A funding round, propelling centralized, accessible data

Secoda, the AI-powered data search, cataloging, lineage, and documentation platform, is announcing the achievement of a recent funding milestone, having raised $14 million in a Series A funding round.

Ivanti and Catchpoint join forces to detect and mitigate against remote connectivity issues

Detect and troubleshoot remote connectivity issues before they impact the workforce

Supercharging CX with AI for enterprise-wide benefits

Experts from NICE joined KMWorld's webinar to discuss how leveraging AI may be the key toward analyzing and capturing customer insights

The latest AI/ML technologies for optimizing knowledge management

Experts from Access, Verint, and Lucidworks joined KMWorld's webinar to explore the latest and greatest AI/ML solutions and strategies that empower, fortify, and maximize the value of knowledge management

Nutanix launches GPT-in-a-Box, an enterprise-ready genAI accelerator platform

AI infrastructure solution accelerates customers' path to GPT and LLMs while keeping organizations in control of their data

Tech Mahindra launches generative AI email tool for improved contact center productivity

Tech Mahindra, a provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, is announcing the launch of Generative AI Powered Email amplifAIer in partnership with Google.

$44M in funding fuels Rockset to innovate in AI, search, and analytics

Rockset, the search and analytics company, is announcing its recent funding milestone—raising $44 million for a total capital of $105 million—which will be used to expand the company's efforts in supporting the build of AI, search, and analytics applications.

CallTrackingMetrics launches ChatAI, the AI-powered virtual support agent

CallTrackingMetrics, a global conversation analytics company, is unveiling ChatAI, an AI-powered virtual agent that builds off the company's previous release, AskAI powered by ChatGPT.

ACE LLM by Gupshup offers an expansive set of GPT models for optimizing the customer lifecycle

Gupshup, the conversational engagement platform, is debuting ACE LLM, a family of GPT models optimized for business conversations, spanning a variety of functions—such as marketing, commerce, support, HR, and IT—and industries—including banking, retail, utilities, and more.

Neo4j unveils new vector search capability in continued support of LLM and generative AI applications

Neo4j, the graph database and analytics company, is announcing that it has integrated native vector search into its core database capabilities, introducing massive support for the ever-popular and -growing world of generative AI, semantic search, and LLMs.

Twilio launches expansive set of AI tools, inviting hyper-personalized customer experiences

New Twilio CustomerAI capabilities use voice intelligence, predictive analytics, and generative journeys to help build marketing campaigns

Kyndryl and Microsoft collaborate to drive innovative and accessible generative AI

Kyndryl, the technology infrastructure services provider, in a joint effort with Microsoft, is announcing an AI solution initiative that will accelerate the successful adoption of generative AI at the enterprise level.

Gulfstream Legal Group debuts latest e-discovery tools for optimized efficiency and ease

New tools cut previously hours-long processes down to minutes

Hygraph introduces top-level remote fields to enhance and simplify its content management platform

New capability enables organizations to connect multiple remote sources and serve content via a single Hygraph API

Glossary by Haystack eliminates jargon barriers in the workplace

Haystack, the provider of cutting-edge intranet solutions, is announcing the launch of Glossary, a free, scalable, self-service solution built to level the playing field for employees faced with jargon barriers at their workplaces.

mondayDB 1.0’s re-engineered infrastructure dramatically improves performance speed, scalability, and flexibility, the provider of the work operating system (Work OS), is announcing the launch of mondayDB 1.0, the next iteration of the company's Work OS platform re-engineered with a new infrastructure.

KnowledgeLake debuts suite of solutions for optimizing enterprise workflows with AI

Innovative portfolio of low-code offerings helps organizations solve business-specific challenges faster and easier

Navigating the challenges and advantages of generative AI for KM

Experts in KM joined KMWorld's webinar to explore AI's potential and drawbacks, offering ways in which AI can be leveraged to invite transformative, modern KM

CodeSee debuts generative AI-powered codebase understanding

CodeSee, provider of the first code visibility platform, is announcing the latest feature to join its robust platform—generative AI-powered codebase understanding.

Teleport Assist combines chat-based AI with cloud infrastructure management

DevOps teams can now use AI to chat with cloud environments

Wallaroo.AI and Ampere join forces to deliver energy- and cost-efficient cloud AI

Wallaroo.AI, the company scaling production machine learning (ML) from the cloud to the edge, and Ampere, the modern semiconductor company, are announcing their strategic collaboration, aimed toward creating optimized hardware and software solutions that innovate on efficiency, sustainability, and lower cost per inference for cloud AI.

Cybersecurity startup Teleskope brings intelligent automation to data security and privacy compliance

Teleskope, a cybersecurity startup, is unveiling its data protection platform, engineered to automate data security, privacy, and compliance at scale.

Daasity unveils its consultancy agency for driving data-centric environments based on Daasity analytics

Merchants can leverage Daasity's analysts and engineers to become true data-driven organizations and drive their businesses forward

Red Access debuts the first agentless, secure browsing platform for hybrid work

Agentless platform goes beyond the browser to protect desktop web applications from browsing risks that originate outside of web browsers

Tabnine Chat unites generative AI-powered assistant technology with coding expertise for developers

AI code assistant expands platform with a single, secure, and managed chat solution

Conversica and Salesforce partner, integrating generative AI with Salesforce marketing capabilities

Conversica, Inc., the leading provider of AI-powered conversation automation solutions for enterprise revenue teams, is announcing its partnership with Salesforce, capitalizing on the recent surge in popularity in generative AI; the two vendors aim to intelligently automate marketing functions with their combined technological integration, prompting better, more efficient customer experiences.

MIKEY from introduces industry-trained AI to revenue-growth management, the AI-powered go-to-market platform, is unveiling MIKEY, an AI platform designed to analyze market trajectories and fluctuations, optimizing revenue-based growth decisions at scale.

Cybersyn launches Snowflake native apps that supercharge visibility in financial, economic, and eCommerce industries

Cybersyn, the Data-as-a-Service company, is debuting two new Snowflake native apps—the Financial and Economic Essentials App and the eCommerce Benchmarks App—exclusively available on the Snowflake Marketplace.

Treasure Data and Artefact partner to improve marketing team efficiency and efficacy

Treasure Data, the enterprise customer data platform (CDP) provider, and Artefact, the international data services company, are announcing a formal partnership aimed at increasing business value for their clients' marketing campaigns while improving and personalizing customer experiences. launches Eureka Bot, a generative AI-powered data governance automation assistant is unveiling a new class of AI-driven bots designed to expedite the delivery of governed data throughout organization teams.

Propelling intelligent content services with AI and other strategies

Experts joined KMWorld's webinar to discuss what makes a content service truly intelligent

Zendesk acquires Tymeshift, forwarding its journey in providing intelligent WFM

The acquisition furthers the company's commitment to offer innovative omnichannel and AI capabilities

Stravito introduces generative AI search features to its platform for exclusively enterprise-owned data

Stravito is unveiling its latest proprietary generative AI capabilities, designed to revolutionize the search experience, bringing users ever closer to the insights they need.

NINJIO SENSE offers personalized, robust CSAT based on behavioral science

NINJIO is launching NINJIO SENSE, a behavioral science-based solution that empowers a culture of cybersecurity based on human behavior, divided into seven core susceptibilities—curiosity, fear, craving, obedience, opportunity, social, and urgency.

Tools and best practices for modernizing search with AI

Joined by a variety of search experts, KMWorld recently held a webinar to surface the ways in which archaic search strategies can be catapulted into the future with an array of technologies, including AI

Granica emerges from stealth with revolutionary AI efficiency platform

Granica is emerging from stealth—backed by $45M in funding—and introducing its cloud native AI efficiency platform, built to put valuable, data-centric AI research into the hands of enterprises.

VMware launches DEX improvements to optimize efficiency and cost for the employee experience

VMware is announcing a series of upgrades to its digital employee experience (DEX) solution that will ultimately increase its presence as a unified approach toward empowering IT teams' productivity while reducing cost drains.

DataStax furthers the enhancement of AI applications with vector search availability

DataStax is announcing that its Database-as-a-Service, Astra DB, now supports vector search—representing a leap by the company into enhanced support for AI workloads, including those using LLMs.

Aware expands positive employee experiences with Webex integration

Aware empowers organizations with real-time organizational intelligence, security, and compliance for Webex Messaging

Domino’s Summer 2023 release drives optimized, responsible, and affordable AI

Domino Data Lab is launching a variety of brand-new capabilities as part of its Summer 2023 release, aimed toward optimizing the application of AI in companies seeking (yet struggling) to leverage its bountiful business possibilities.

Integral’s Privacy Simulation Suite secures privacy processing while maximizing dataset utility

Integral is announcing the launch of the Privacy Simulation Suite, a new software suite designed to enable healthcare enterprises to utilize their sensitive data to shed light on the future effects of privacy processing on a dataset prior to its processing completion.

Strategies for implementing generative AI to transform content infrastructures

KMWorld held a webinar, Accelerate, Augment, and Automate: How AI Can Supercharge Your Content Lifecycle, to break down how generative AI can reimagine content infrastructures

SolarWinds introduces new AI upgrades to its ITSM solution

SolarWinds is announcing the advancement of AI and ML capabilities within its IT service management (ITSM) solution, SolarWinds Service Desk

Elastic democratizes generative AI for proprietary data with the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine

Elastic is launching the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE), an engine designed to augment and power AI-based search applications using proprietary enterprise data.

Applying Pryon’s enterprise AI platform to alleviate knowledge friction in modern KM systems

Experts from Pryon joined KMWorld's webinar, "AI's Role in Unlocking Enterprise Knowledge," to highlight knowledge friction plaguing many enterprises and how AI is the way to solve it.

Guru’s Answers redefines holistic knowledge search

With Answers, users will be able to connect Guru to their company's apps and find information instantly

Zendesk empowers intelligent CX with AI

Trillions of data points informing bots and generative AI will help every business deliver superior customer experiences

ibi WebFOCUS 9.2 continues to unify BI operations while innovating UI, reporting, and containerization

ibi, a scalable data and analytics software platform that makes data easy to access and analytics easy to consume, is announcing the general availability of ibi WebFOCUS 9.2—an enterprise business intelligence and analytics solution equipped with data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, and powerful visualizations.

Empowering cross-functional IT teams to optimize the employee experience

Lisa Capra, product marketing manager at LumApps, joined KMWorld's webinar, "Connecting the Dots: The Crucial Role of IT Leaders in Employee Performance," to examine how IT leaders can effectively manifest their newfound responsibilities in regards to employee experience (EX)

Augmenting CX and KM with ChatGPT technology

eGain thought leaders and practitioners joined KMWorld's webinar, "ChatGPT and Generative AI for CX: Hype, Reality, and What to Know and Do," to unveil the ways in which generative AI can revolutionize experience areas for businesses.

How current economic uncertainty points to productivity software improvement

Experts from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and Foxit Software joined KMWorld's webinar, "Productivity Software Tools—Understanding Current Business Sentiment and Strategies," to dive into how understanding the current business sentiment and best practice strategies—as well as embracing a variety of productivity software tools—can transform organizations into successful, contemporary competitors despite macroeconomic headwinds.

CAST releases automated code inefficiency detection for sustainability efforts

CAST is launching Green Software Insights, a technology now available within the company's CAST Highlight product that automatically uncovers "green deficiencies" within application source code, enabling organizations to quantify their green impact in software energy consumption.

Alorica refinances with $725M to drive global CX solutions

Refinancing enables leading CX provider's globalization strategy and product expansion

Uniting data mesh and data fabric within a single, modernized architecture

Examine modern data architectures and knowledge graph technology

TripleBlind’s latest data de-identification solutions spark healthcare and life sciences innovation

The product suite empowers healthcare and life science organizations with automated data de-identification solutions

LumApps introduces Spaces, a collaborative, streamlined knowledge sharing hub

LumApps is releasing "Spaces," a brand-new feature that eases knowledge access while propelling a collaborative, engaging workplace environment.

PagerDuty invites security and productivity to hybrid environments with process automation solution

New architecture allows DevOps and ITOps to reduce risk and automation costs across hybrid and distributed secure infrastructure

Fibery’s generative AI assistant enhances productivity with accessible, customizable workspaces

Integrating Open AI's GPT-3 API, the Fibery AI Assistant will enable faster, more efficient work and knowledge management

Vianai Systems presents hila, the trustworthy AI assistant for financial professionals

Vianai Systems is introducing hila, an AI-powered, document-centered chat assistant designed to support a variety of investment professionals.

Zendesk customer service innovations supercharged by AWS strategic collaboration agreement

Zendesk is announcing a five-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with AWS, designed to drive tailored, intelligent, and scalable customer experiences (CX), further amplified by enhanced support operations.

Elastic unites robust cloud security operations for AWS

Launching CSPM, container workload security, and cloud vulnerability management to modernize cloud security operations

NuMind unveils NLP tool for expediting ML model creation with $3M seed funding

NuMind is announcing its $3 million seed funding, led by Flybridge with participation from big_bets, Carya Ventures, the Pioneer Fund, Velocity Ventures, Sharpstone Capital, and Y Combinator.

Techniques to deliver knowledge where, when, and how you need it

KMWorld recently held a webinar featuring speaker John Chmaj, senior director of product strategy and knowledge management at Verint, to delve into the world of knowledgeable, seamless application experiences

VMware drives unified endpoint management and app delivery for the hybrid workforce

VMware is announcing enhancements to the VMware Anywhere Workspace platform, as well as the introduction of the unified orchestration framework, the Workspace ONE Marketplace, and the Apps on Demand for published apps. These releases work to close the gap between hybrid workforces, disparate and legacy tooling, and mitigating overall operational complexities.

Research management tool from Stravito streamlines project workflows

Stravito is unveiling Research Management, a solution designed to optimize project workflows armed with instantaneous research publication, project brief templates, and enhanced project commissioning

Driving personalization and efficiency in the employee experience with LumApps

Mary Kaplan, product marketing manager at LumApps, joined KMWorld's webinar, "Improving Workplace Productivity: Automation with a Human Touch," to reveal the methods and technologies that can cultivate a positive, customized employee experience (EX) to ultimately improve time allocation and productivity for critical and non-critical tasks.

BrainChip’s second generation Akida platform cultivates high-performance, intelligent edge devices

BrainChip Holdings Ltd is launching the second iteration of the Akida platform, the event-based digital neuromorphic processor IP that imitates the human brain for efficient data processing.

Nyriad and DigitalGlue partner to enhance operational efficiency and performance of creative workloads

Nyriad and DigitalGlue are announcing their recent partnership which will propel productivity for media production workflows without increasing its complexity.

KM trends and challenges for 2023

From automation and software use cases, to efficient legacy system policies, to streamlined knowledge ingestion, experts at CKO, Access, and Verint gathered to offer their insights in KMWorld's webinar, "The Top Trends in KM for 2023."

Vendr Explore offers a dynamic SaaS catalog for transparent procurement

Dynamic software catalog of 19,000 products brings unprecedented visibility into data; ensures transparent pricing, streamlined procurement

ClickUp 3.0 promises accelerated and customizable workflow productivity

ClickUp, the productivity platform that brings work together in one place, is unveiling ClickUp 3.0, the newest iteration of its platform built to further drive workflow efficiency.

Foundry’s Sales Acceleration brings actionable, consolidated insights for sales teams

Foundry, the media, data, and martech division of IDG Inc., is launching its account-based sales acceleration product built on the Triblio ABM orchestration platform.

Appen launches three products for ethical and trustworthy generative AI

Appen Limited, the provider of high-quality data for the AI lifecycle, is unveiling three new products that will empower organizations to leverage the power of generative AI, as well as enhance the end-user experience with the expertise of diverse AI training specialists.

Agora launches two audio solutions for enhancing the age of workplace hybridity

Agora's AI Noise Suppression removes unwanted noise and echoes from calls, allowing users to stream, chat or call anywhere

Extending SKOS to manage complex taxonomies

KMWorld held a webinar, "Five Key Considerations for Managing Complex Taxonomies," to address this organizational challenge, which ultimately invites wasted time and resources in creating, managing, and using complex taxonomies.

Rossum enhances its online marketplace for creating agile, end-to-end IDP solutions

Rossum, the cloud-native Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) company, is unveiling its latest improvements to its online marketplace, a unified experience for accessing AI-enabled document process capabilities that doesn't require support from software developers.

Appfire and partner to expand their workflow optimization reach

Appfire announces plans for multiple new apps in the app marketplace

Strategies in remediating and adapting to enterprise-scale shadow intranets

Elizabeth Schaefermann, senior product manager at Publicis Sapient, joined KMWorld's webinar, "Shadow Intranets: Managing the "Whack-a-Mole" Problem for KM," to offer their insight into why "shadow intranets" are created, how they impact business operations, and strategies in remediating its challenges for the betterment of knowledge management in your organization.

eGain Instant Answers eases knowledge search pains

Instant Answers offers a simple experience for users to find relevant answer snippets from enterprise knowledge bases using generative-AI technology

Improvements to LibreOffice continue to enhance the free, community-driven office suite software

The Document Foundation, a non-profit fighting against vendor lock-in through free, open-source, and powerful tools, is announcing the next major release of LibreOffice, a community-driven and developed office suite software.

$6.75M in seed funding for Kognitos propels generative AI for business automation

Kognitos, provider of generative AI for business automation using Large Language Models (LLMs), announced the completion of a seed funding round that has raised $6.75 million, bringing its total venture capital to $9.35 million.

DeciSym and Sylabs join forces to create a virtual data fabric for enhanced DoD cyber testing

DeciSym, the cyber security solution company, and Sylabs, provider of professional tools and services for high performance container runtime technology, have both been awarded an investment tender to develop a virtual data fabric to enhance cyber testing operational effectiveness for the DoD.

Trends in navigating knowledge management migration amid cloud adoption

KMWorld hosted a webinar, "Knowledge Management Migration Trends," to explore the latest migration trends for KM

Sinequa launches Workplace Search to support the employee experience

New SaaS solution makes finding knowledge and expertise in the digital workplace effortless

Generative AI search tool built for accuracy emerges from stealth

Andi, the AI search assistant, is visual, conversational, and factually accurate

Serviceaide upgrades its IT and enterprise service management solutions to embrace greater self-service, management, and automation

Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of modern IT and enterprise service management solutions, is announcing its Kruger release, updating the enterprise's product line with technology integration, feature enhancements, and the launch of the Luma mobile app.

Keypoint Intelligence and AgentDealer partner to enhance the office technology industry

The partnership continues to evolve as the industry changes by expanding offerings and updating methods, while intimately understanding and serving manufacturers', channels', and their customers' transformation in the digital printing and imaging sector

Appfire acquires 20-plus ServiceRocket apps to accelerate organizational growth and productivity

Appfire, an enterprise collaboration software company, is announcing its recent acquisition of ServiceRocket applications, including the Connector for Salesforce and Jira and the Connector for Salesforce and Confluence.

NICE introduces new analytics and machine learning capabilities to NEVA Discovery

New capabilities for NEVA Discover present advanced automation experience

$50M investment in Dialpad fosters continued research and development of AI technologies

Investment over the next five years will transform employee, agent, and customer experiences

Cultivating a positive employee experience amid 2023 trends

Mary Kaplan, product marketing manager at LumApps, and Brooks Jordan, VP of business development at Social Edge Consulting, joined KMWorld to explore the avenues that organizations must embark on in 2023 to increase employee engagement

How Pryon’s platform propels knowledge management into modernity

This KMWorld webinar focuses on transforming enterprise content into knowledge for employees, partners, and customers to "Just Know Now."

ECM management for today’s landscape of disparate records and sources

As modernizing systems becomes the latest and greatest trend in every industry, the methods and modes to achieve that transformation are critical toward its success. In regard to ECM management and legacy records, these variables can be extreme roadblocks in the way of accomplishing digital transformation. To explore these varying ECM challenges, KMWorld hosted a webinar, "Conquering ECM Challenges in the Modern Enterprise," sponsored by Access and Hyland, diving into the multitude of ways digitization can be optimized to best support ECM and its modern needs.

LumApps acquisition of Vizir enhances digital employee experience with conversational AI

LumApps, provider of a global employee experience platform, is announcing its acquisition of Vizir, the enterprise behind no-code digital assistant technology, ultimately enhancing LumApps' platform through streamlining automation.

Version 11.9 of Sinequa’s Search Cloud Platform strengthens search, connection, and simplicity

Delivers features and enhancements to improve search experiences for customers and partners

Combating siloed information with expanded employee network and interaction

Sarah Dobson, new business director at Starmind, discussed how optimized knowledge management can improve R&D cycles for enhanced time-to-market in KMWorld's webinar, "How Knowledge Sharing Accelerates R&D Cycles."

The evolving informational exchange and the significance of structured content authoring

KMWorld invited Jan Benedictus, founder and managing director of Fonto, to investigate the future of structured content and its value in the process of modern information exchange during a webinar presentation.

Navigating pandemic shockwaves for the contact center agent

Sam Hahn, technology evangelist from eGain, joined KMWorld to discuss how contact centers and their agents are at a disadvantage when it comes to modern knowledge tools.

Harte Hanks acquires InsideOut for $7.5M, improving customer experience endeavors

With the acquisition of InsideOut and its inside sales capabilities, Harte Hanks is positioned to help customers drive growth by optimizing sales and marketing demand generation programs

Stravito introduces reuse-and-recycle insight approach for comprehensive knowledge stories

Stravito, the enterprise insights platform democratizing access to market research for the world's largest organizations, is debuting Scrapbook, a selective insights feature enabling users to pick-and-mix insights from a variety of reports.

$18M in Series A investment for Coefficient gives rise to a bright future for smarter spreadsheets

Thousands of companies rely on Coefficient's spreadsheet-based, data and reporting-automation tool to share insights, increase productivity and boost revenue

Knowledge management and multidisciplinary collaboration at KMWorld 2022

In the opening keynote on the second day of sessions at KMWorld 2022, a panel led by Patrick Lambe, partner at Straits Knowledge and author of Principles of Knowledge Auditing, discussed the connections between the conference streams of knowledge management, taxonomy work, text analytics, and search, and what their collaboration ideally looks like, followed by presenters delving into their particular topic of interest.

Walmart’s knowledge graph strategy for connected learning networks at KMWorld 2022

At KMWorld 2022, Todd Fahlberg, a portfolio manager at Enterprise Knowledge, led a discussion on the crucialness of managing structured and unstructured content throughout a multitude of complex systems, using Walmart's solution as the leading example in his session, "Building an Innovative Learning Ecosystem at Scale with Graph Technologies."

Guiding enterprise search and discovery with open-source technologies at KMWorld 2022

Pari Rajaram, search and AI architect at MITRE, elaborated on the kinds of tools that better achieve search and discovery ambitions during his session, "How to Enhance Search and Recommender Applications Using Open Source Tools and Ideas," at Enterprise Search & Discovery, a co-located event at KMWorld 2022.

The intricacies of responsible AI at KMWorld 2022

At KMWorld 2022, Phaedra Boinodiris, principal consultant for trustworthy AI at IBM, discussed the ethical approaches to AI design and application during her workshop, "What the Titanic Taught Us About Responsible AI (and What We Need to UNLEARN)." 

Creating effective enterprise knowledge flows at KMWorld 2022

In the session, "Transforming Knowledge Flows" at KMWorld 2022, Bethany Brown, knowledge management specialist for Resonance Global, illustrated how databases can become critical for housing knowledge.

Utilizing the metaverse to virtualize knowledge sharing at KMWorld 2022

Dr. Anthony J. Rhem, PhD, CEO and principal consultant of A. J. Rhem & Associates and author of Knowledge Management in Practice, took the stage at KMWorld 2022 to discuss how the metaverse can alter the KM space through improved capturing, sharing, using, and maintaining of knowledge assets.

Intelligent search and its contact center use case at KMWorld 2022

At KMWorld 2022, speakers Sawan Deshpande, head of products for AWS Language Services; Swapnil Paranjpe, senior director of digital data practice at Persistent Systems; and Basker Krishnan, CEO of CogniVision, gathered to examine the ways intelligent search can transform contact center search and discovery for optimized productivity.

Employing storytelling as a vehicle for knowledge sharing at KMWorld 2022

At KMWorld 2022, Johel Brown-Grant, KM lead, U.S. Department of State, and author of Knowledge Management & the Practice of Storytelling, detailed his method toward empowering storytelling to cultivate a shared knowledge base within an enterprise during his workshop,  "Storytelling As Strategy: How Narrative Shapes Knowledge."

Fostering accessible and engaged hybrid/remote work environments at KMWorld 2022

Arvind Jain, CEO and co-founder of Glean, and Jeff Willinger, digital experience director at Withum and Microsoft MVP, discussed the intricacies of hybrid/remote work environments and effective strategies towards maximizing its potential in their workshop, "Enterprise of the Future: Hybrid Work."

Understanding complex knowledge systems and revitalizing knowledge programs at KMWorld 2022

At KMWorld 2022, Dave Snowden, chief scientific officer at The Cynefin Co, explored successful KM methods and reimagining the function it assumes within organizations during his workshop, "KM Strategy."

Curating knowledge to foster accessibility, efficiency, and trust at KMWorld 2022

KMWorld returned in-person to the J.W. Marriott in Washington D.C. on November 7-10, with pre-conference workshops held on November 7

AuditBoard extends capabilities to bolster its ESG program management solution

AuditBoard is unveiling its newest solution aimed at supporting audit and risk management teams to centralize and manage their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs.

CogniVision OneView innovates decades-old document viewing technology

New viewer reinvents enterprise content search by leveraging the power of the human brain, augmented by AI, for the last mile of search

Quark’s update to QPP introduces closed-loop content lifecycle management

Built-in structured authoring and omnichannel publishing SaaS features accelerate customized, compliant self-service content creation

Siren and ShadowDragon’s strategic partnership mitigates complexity for modern investigation enterprises

A strategic partnership between Siren and ShadowDragon promises to streamline online environments for modern investigations with flexibility.

Keyword-aware semantic search solution by Pinecone provides advanced hybrid search capabilities

Machine learning search infrastructure company is unveiling its keyword-aware semantic search solution to bring to smaller organizations the sort of highly relevant search results that tech giants with extensive investments in data science and engineering work were previously only able to achieve.

Content comparison tool by DeltaXML facilitates change management without structural change

DeltaXML is releasing comparison tools for publishers who can't afford to miss the smallest difference

New suggestions from Grammarly alleviate communication pressures from unsure professionals

Grammarly introduces the industry's only technology that helps users identify and rewrite sentences to achieve a desired tone—at the click of a button

IBM’s newest libraries expand its embeddable AI portfolio

Expansion of embeddable AI software portfolio can help companies address AI skills gap, lack of resources, and development costs of bringing AI-powered applications to market

Verity ES launch powers data eradication for enterprise data protection and privacy

Verity ES is announcing its launch and the commercial availability of its data eradication solution.

Partnership between ClearML and Genesis Cloud emphasizes sustainability in computing

ClearML is partnering with Genesis Cloud to integrate Genesis Cloud's 100% green energy Compute Instance with the MLOps platform, addressing the growing concerns for global emissions produced by computing—which accounts for approximately 4% of global emissions in 2021, according to the companies.

Onymos’ Payments Feature further streamlines application development and management

Onymos, the developers behind the Features-as-a-Serivce (FaaS) platform, is launching its newest Payments Feature to mitigate the obstacles commonly faced when integrating payment functionality within applications.

Productive management and governance of modern data for modern enterprises

This KMWorld webinar focuses on keeping security and governance in mind while undergoing the digital transformation process

ReadyWorks and Unisys join forces to reduce the risk and cost of expedited digital transformations

A recently announced collaboration between ReadyWorks, the digital platform conductor (DPC) provider, and Unisys Corporation, a technology solutions company, yields enhancements to Unisys digital transformation services for improved cloud migration and digital workplace experiences.

Versium enriches prospect insights and engagement potential through latest open source tools

Versium's Model Builder and Record Scorer are designed to predict which prospects will convert

Kyndryl allies with Citrix to improve hybrid workforce productivity; initiative with SIA emboldens digital workplace services

Kyndryl, an IT infrastructure services provider, is announcing two major achievements as a Digital Workspace enterprise: a global alliance with Citrix, pioneers in remote access, data security, and availability, to empower workplace cohesivity and collaboration for greater productivity in hybrid workforces; as well as a multi-year initiative with Singapore Airlines (SIA) for enhanced workplace and digital transformation services.

Twelve Labs’ API Playground empowers video-driven industries with semantic video search

The video search and understanding company, Twelve Labs, is unveiling that its API Playground—developed to enable users to index and search videos—has officially entered its private beta stage.

CoSo Cloud strategic partnership with Class Technologies delivers FedRAMP security certification for Class

CoSo Cloud, provider of secure private-cloud managed services for high-consequence virtual learning and training, and Class Technologies Inc., innovators of teaching, training, and learning tools for Zoom, are announcing their collaboration directed towards creating and supporting secure and compliant environments for training endeavors.

Grammarly’s Text Editor SDK equips developers with an AI-powered English writing assistance API

Grammarly, provider of English writing assistance technology based on machine learning with more than 30 million users, is launching general availability of the Grammarly Text Editor SDK; an API from Grammarly for Developers that provides application integration with only a few lines of code, according to the company.

Sopheon announces latest Acclaim products to boost organized and optimized innovation

International provider of software and services for innovation management, Sopheon, is unveiling Acclaim, introducing three collaboration SaaS products that optimize innovation processes and management for a variety of teams—ranging from product, innovation, and project professionals to executive roles.

How current knowledge management tools are deterring enterprise productivity, profitability, and performance

While the importance of knowledge management is at the forefront of many enterprise leaders' minds, implementation of its tools and methods is easier said than done. Ineffective knowledge management can generate more harm than good for large organizations, revealing a current trend in poor knowledge management-based decision making.

AI-powered identity orchestration by ForgeRock supports better and secure digital experiences

ForgeRock, a global digital identity leader for simple and safe access to the connected world, is unveiling the availability of its next-generation identity orchestration tool, Intelligent Access Trees. This solution supplies no-code, AI-driven threat protection to enterprises delivering quality customer and employee experiences on a daily basis, according to the company. Unlike other identity systems, ForgeRock's solution does not necessitate over-expenditure of enterprise resources—like critical time and finances—to provide secure digital interactions.

Navigating modern workplace culture with modern knowledge management solutions

This KMWorld webinar explores how the global pandemic has reshaped workplace culture

Messagepoint empowers intelligent analytics of text-based content with Semantex

Messagepoint, provider of customer communications management software, is announcing the launch of its newest division designed for empowering developers within the sphere of content intelligence: Semantex. An AI-based content intelligence platform to confront common issues related to content management, Semantex employs natural language processing and machine learning to aid in making API calls for assessment of text-based content fragments, blocks, documents, or content corpus, according to the vendor.

IRIS+ by Irisity brings expansive enhancements to AI-powered video analytics

Combines the rich capabilities of Agent Vi's innoVi and Irisity's Iris into one powerful analytics platform

Algolia’s acquisition of yields improvements to search and discovery

Acquisition creates world's first and only hybrid search engine combining Keyword and Vector Search in a single API

CodeSee Enterprise offers ground-breaking code visibility for developer teams

CodeSee Enterprise delves deeper into DevOps by enabling developers to break open their codebase "black box" to map their code throughout their code lifecycle

Marjorel acquires Findasense, initiates growth of CX transformation services

Global provider of next-generation end-to-end customer experience (CX) solutions for digital-native and vertical leading brands, Majorel Group Luxembourg S.A., is announcing its acquisition of Findasense Global S.L.U., a CX design and creative services company, cementing Majorel's commitment towards extending its Tech & Expert Services business, specifically in the CX transformation services field.

How eGain Knowledge Hub is the perfect match for knowledge management with SharePoint

This KMWorld webinar tackles knowledge management in SharePoint with eGain

Keeper Security’s FedRAMP Authorization catapults its status as a leading security solution provider

Provider of zero-trust, zero-knowledge security cloud services, Keeper Security, Inc., is announcing it received the designation of FedRAMP Authorization at the Moderate Impact Level for its Keeper Security Government Cloud (KSGC). Achieving this authorization comes after a complex series of steps and evaluations, proving Keeper Security's commitment to developing effective and safe security solutions.

Partnership between SugarCRM and ResPax yields AI-driven CRM and tour-booking platform

The recent partnership between SugarCRM, provider of an AI-driven CRM platform, and ResPax, a tour reservation system provider, introduces the first fully integrated CRM and tour-booking platform, fueling the growth of travel and tourism industries. Through capabilities for scaling operations, increasing visitor numbers, enhancing the customer experience, and fueling job creation, the SugarCRM and ResPax collaboration will drive revenue and expansion for the travel/tourism industry, according to the companies.

Creating hybrid synergy, the crowd, content, and you: the future of AI and ML

This webinar features AI and Machine Learning (ML) and how it works in tandem

Onymos prioritizes frontline healthcare workers and engineering teams with latest healthcare app

New Know Your HealthDocs bundle enables developers to rapidly create applications requiring digital scanning, enhancement, recognition, and verification of physical documents and forms

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan update increases efficiency and reduces print costs

Manage the costs of your print environment and ensure the security of your documents from the cloud

$3.5M in seed funding propels sales pipeline health enterprise,, out of stealth mode

RevSure's solution uses AI and intelligence to help companies boost their sales pipelines

Newest improvements on CCC Marketplace enhance publisher-user experience for medical communications professionals

Hundreds of STM journals and other publications now available to medical communications professionals for licensing through CCC Marketplace

Absolute Software’s latest release increases cyber protection and threat visibility for remote work

Innovations include enhanced end user communication, expanded catalog of resilient applications, and deeper insights to optimize software investments

HammerRTC’s launch for Amazon Connect invites assurance solutions for contact center efficiency

DevOps teams can now speed up and validate Amazon Connect cloud contact center migrations with comprehensive end-to-end WebRTC testing capabilities from Hammer

$12M Series A funding for Explo accelerates product roadmap for modern enterprise data sharing

Designed for developers to quickly create a workspace, integrate data sources, build white-label dashboards, and embed directly into their app or a custom web portal

Eureka Explorer Lineage by yields increased visibility within the modern data stack

Powered by's knowledge graph, Explorer Lineage will leverage context from the knowledge graph to deliver a unified, consolidated view of data to the entire organization

$15M in Series A funding fuels product development for marketing measurement platform Northbeam

Northbeam is a ML-powered marketing measurement platform for DTC and ecommerce brands whose recent funding will fuel product development for the enterprise, such as expanding its ML capabilities

Affinity Meetings launch by Affinity minimizes meeting preparation and maximizes deal closures

Affinity, the relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers, has launched Affinity Meetings, a program built for relationship intelligence data delivery from Affinity CRM within Zoom. This allows for dealmakers to accumulate intelligence regarding their clients for meetings, improving sales odds. Among the features of the program are live access to interaction history with clients, relationship intelligence data, as well as note capture within their CRM.

Flywheel 2.0 launch by Teikametrics automates keyword harvest for efficient online ad management

The only enhanced AI-targeting algorithm to automatically cross-pollinate keyword targets between marketplaces

Launch of by Appfire marks first standalone collaborative development tool

New version of Whiteboards provides collaborative space for remote software and product teams to work together in real time

Vendr 2.0 launch brings visibility to the forefront of SaaS purchasing and management

New solution arms customers with visibility and control to optimize the entire supplier lifecycle update includes seamless virtual assistant integration

Enhancements include seamless integration with company's virtual assistant technology and speech analytics with advanced reporting and business intelligence tools

Contentgine’s CIP updates with AI and machine learning features for more precise marketing intel

New platform experiences make content consumption analysis smarter and simpler for better sales results

Acquisition of Re:infer by UiPath facilitates an increase in usable consumer data for businesses

New Communications Mining capability enables UiPath software robots to understand email context and semantics, online chats, and voice sessions, delivering superior customer service interactions

UserWay partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp ushers in AI-powered solutions to meet accessibility standards

UserWay's accessibility technologies and AI-powered solution now available to federal, state and local government agencies debuts monday sales CRM as accessible and personalized customer relations platform

A fully customizable, flexible no-code CRM for teams of any size