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Cultivating a positive employee experience amid 2023 trends

The employee experience has become increasingly relevant to constructing the framework of any enterprise, in any industry. As the workforce has evolved over the years—particularly exacerbated by the pandemic—enterprises must cultivate a positive, efficient employee experience.

Mary Kaplan, product marketing manager at LumApps, and Brooks Jordan, VP of business development at Social Edge Consulting, joined KMWorld to explore the avenues that organizations must embark on in 2023 to increase employee engagement, enablement, and retainment in a time of uncertain and shifting work environments.

As the speakers defined it, the employee experience is the sum of all the interactions, as well as the context of those interactions, that employees have across the different touchpoints in their day-to-day work. They further pointed to the shift in employees’ needs; information being inaccurate, excessive, or inaccessible are common roadblocks that define the modern employee experience.

Further underpinning their claims, the speakers provided a few statistics, including: 44% of U.S. employees are actively seeking a new job in 2022, according to the Global Benefits Attitudes Survey; only 36% of U.S. employees are engaged in their work and workplace, according to Gallup; and 63% of companies say retaining employees is harder than hiring them, according to a source from Zenefits.

These numbers point to the growing gap between what enterprises currently provide for their employees and what those employees fundamentally need in order to encourage a streamlined, mutually-beneficial workplace environment.

Evaluating your organization’s current system is critical to understanding the ways it fails to meet the needs of your employees. Ultimately, it may come down to a simple fact: your legacy systems are outdated, inaccessible, and detracting from the potential value of your business. If your employees can’t find information relevant to them with ease, there is an undeniable problem with your organizational infrastructure.

This transitions into the top trends for 2023, which are shaped by personalization and self-service.

According to the speakers and a report from Forrester, the focus will shift to the digital employee experience (DEX) to empower the modern workforce. This boils down to cross-functional teams that blend with other departments to accomplish business tasks more fluidly. Additionally, a spike in personalization, where tailored CX is valued over outdated EX that emphasizes the in-office experience, static portals, or generic newsletters, will come to fruition in 2023 for innovative businesses. Highlighting seamless integrations also sees potential for improvement in 2023, eliminating time-consuming app-switching that impacts productivity.

The speakers introduced the LumApps Employee Experience Platform, designed to holistically tackle the present roadblocks in the employee experience which are further perpetuated by outdated and disparate systems.

The platform operates on three key values: understanding each unique employee, orchestrating the best journey for their workflow, and then delivering a personalized experience tailored to their needs.

To attain these tenets in an organization, the platform employs engagement methods such as personalized communications and a mobile experience to connect to the employee. Enabling their productivity through communities and spaces, effective knowledge sharing, and video management is another aspect of the platform’s functions. Finally, empowering employees with a personal experience, via unique feeds and search, as well as digital assistants and micro-apps, makes productivity as easily achievable as it should be. The platform unites all of these operations within a single pane of glass, formulating the employee data layer, unique to each individual to amplify their quality of work through an enhanced workplace experience.

To learn more about the LumApps Employee Experience Platform and its use cases, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.

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