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Rockset redefines vector databases with search hybridity

Rockset, the leading search and analytics database built for the cloud, is announcing native support for hybrid search, redefining the potential of search and AI applications. Now, users can benefit from search that can retrieve vector, test, geospatial, and structured data within a single query.

AI innovation is at the forefront of data and knowledge industries, bringing new and exciting tech for any, and all, business use cases. With this innovation comes a necessary investment into powerful retrieval systems designed for AI applications, according to Rockset.

Propelled by the new era of intelligence, Rockset’s hybrid search—which incorporates vector search, text search, and metadata filtering—aims to accelerate AI app development and iteration while establishing a new standard for vector databases, according to the company.

“All search will soon be hybrid search,” said Venkat Venkataramani, co-founder and CEO of Rockset. “Similarity search has limitations around domain awareness and requires combining vector search results along with text search, geospatial search, and structured search to provide the necessary context. Support for hybrid search requires best-in-class indexing technology designed for fast retrieval. We continuously innovate on our Converged Indexing technology, and we’re thrilled to introduce text search and ranking algorithms for hybrid search.”

The introduction of hybrid search offers a variety of benefits for its users, empowering them to utilize new signals, models, indexes, and ranking algorithms to improve relevance. Other capabilities include:

  • Reindex vectors without impacting live search apps
  • Index flexibility for any type of data
  • SQL-based ranking and scoring
  • New ranking algorithms, including BM25 and reciprocal rank fusion (RRF) to build hybrid search applications
  • Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) support through multi-tenant design
  • New search design, featuring compressed bitmaps and covering indexes for enhanced performance at scale

To learn more about Rockset’s hybrid search innovation, please visit https://rockset.com/.

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