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Unlocking the power of ChatGPT for customer service with USU

It’s clear that ChatGPT and other generative AI (GenAI) models have a crucial role to play in optimizing knowledge management for a variety of industries. However, how to implement this technology to produce positive business results—from customer interactions to maintenance and usage insights—is often less clear.

Robbie Plourde, global principal solution engineer at USU, and Florian Schwingenschloegl, enterprise sales manager at USU, joined KMWorld’s webinar, Unlocking the Future: ChatGPT Integration and Digital Transformation of Customer Service, to examine how USU’s knowledge management expertise can invite digital transformation that leverages the true power of GenAI.

Plourde kicked off the discussion by providing context as to what USU offers for the world of KM.

“Here at USU, we really strive to simplify knowledge sharing within service delivery,” he stated. “With USU Knowledge Management, we empower our customers to provide industry-leading customer service.”

By consolidating all essential information, processes, and knowledge in a single place, USU’s KM solution makes any, and all, knowledge easily accessible regardless of the language or the role—all in real time. USU Knowledge Management is also easily customized to fit enterprise needs without requiring programming skills.

From a technical basis, “at its core, USU helps drive digital transformation…[helping] to capture enterprise knowledge systematically, effectively structuring it and making it accessible across all of your channels,” remarked Plourde.

With this in mind, Plourde went on to explore the role that GenAI and large language models (LLMs)—like ChatGPT—have to play in augmenting KM. Namely, these technologies have the power to improve knowledge retrieval, optimize content creation and curation, and widespread automation, which are key areas that LLMs have the capacity to revolutionize.

While ChatGPT has attracted a lot of attention this year, “there are still shortcomings in the customer service space that become apparent upon closer inspection,” explained Plourde. USU Knowledge Management is designed to fill those quality gaps, combining a few specialized chatbots using ChatGPT that “meaningfully supports service and can be integrated into existing systems with minimal effort.”

Schwingenschloegl then walked webinar viewers through a live demo of USU Knowledge Management, offering examples and details of how the solution can be leveraged in an enterprise context.

In addition to the demo, Schwingenschloegl provided these guiding principles to help organizations navigate the rapidly evolving world of KM and AI:

  • Set the stage and clarify the possible uses of LLMs.
  • Enable your team’s creativity by examining all use case possibilities.
  • Effective GenAI results depend on content quality.
  • Start small and enable periodic growth.
  • Keep in mind the costs of LLM usage.

For an in-depth discussion of how USU Knowledge Management can improve GenAI application, featuring a live demo, examples, and a Q&A, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.

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