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Optimizing document and workflow productivity with the Foxit PDF Editor Suite

Maximizing efficiency is a key component of any successful KM strategy; however, this tenet of business is broad in its meaning, making its application one of wishful thinking rather than tangible implementation. Where enterprises can home in on this efficiency is in document productivity, as many struggle to keep up with the proliferation of tools and approaches designed to “ease” these workflow pains.

Deboshree Sarkar, senior product marketing manager at Foxit, and Zlatko Gornjevski, EMEA senior solutions engineer at Foxit, joined KMWorld’s webinar, Exploring Foxit PDF Editor Suite: All-In-One Productivity Platform, to offer webinar viewers the solution to this age-old KM inefficiency: A comprehensive, unified workflow productivity product designed to empower workers with flexibility, efficacy, and efficiency in an increasingly disparate and digital era.

Sarkar provided context as to why the Foxit PDF Editor Suite is needed today; ultimately, businesses have evolved to produce rapid technological advancements, an increasingly remote workforce, growing data complexity, and global collaboration.

“It is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for businesses to thrive in this new environment,” Sarkar explained.

To adapt to this changing landscape, organizations have adopted a plethora of tools—yet this has led to tool fragmentation, compatibility issues, training overhead, and data security risks, preventing enterprises from successfully adapting.

While ripe with complexity, the data-driven, digital-first age opens up a world of opportunities, according to Sarkar. Namely, certain approaches are proving effective in achieving maximum KM efficiency, including:

  • Shifting to unified software solutions
  • Eliminating redundancy
  • Centralizing management and control
  • Enhancing collaboration and workflow

Unified software solutions, in particular, pose a wealth of benefits for the modern enterprise. Sarkar explained that all-in-one software platform can induce:

  • Cost savings and improved ROI
  • Scalability and future-proofing
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Competitive advantages

These benefits culminate within the Foxit PDF Editor Suite, an intelligent document platform integrable with existing workflows that offers PDF editing across multiple platforms, legally binding e-signatures, AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, effortless collaboration, and easy license management.

This solution breaks the boundaries of single operating systems, offering PDF editing capabilities across various platforms—including Windows, Mac, mobile devices, and web-based access—for enhanced collaboration and user convenience.

“Foxit PDF Editor Suite is not just PDF editing,” said Sarkar. “It’s a very comprehensive document productivity platform designed to empower you across different platforms…it’s all about maximizing your productivity and making your work more efficient.”

Foxit PDF Editor Suite is offered in several different plans to fit your organizational needs, including:

  • Individual plans for freelancers, individuals, and solo entrepreneurs
  • Team plans for small to large teams
  • Educational plans that cater to the unique needs of educators and students

Gornjevski then led webinar viewers through a detailed demo of the solution, featuring the Foxit Cloud Admin Console, Foxit PDF Mobile Editor, and more.

For an in-depth discussion of the importance of unified productivity solutions and the Foxit PDF Editor Suite, including case studies, a live demo, and more, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.

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