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Vianai Systems presents hila, the trustworthy AI assistant for financial professionals

Vianai Systems, the provider of human-centered AI platforms and products, is introducing hila, an AI-powered, document-centered chat assistant designed to support a variety of investment professionals.

hila, the latest product from Vianai Systems, is grounded in truth—drawing insights from reliable primary sources underpinned by transparent explainability. According to the company, as opposed to other generative AI tools—which may confidently provide fabricated, unreliable answers, according to the company—hila embraces a zero-tolerance approach to AI hallucinations.

Built into hila is a variety of safeguards which cite its data’s sources, paired with a confidence score to alleviate the pains of manual verification. Whether you’re an institutional or retail investor, or an investment banking analyst, hila offers a streamlined research process powered with conversational AI whose data is as trustworthy as it is insightful.

Leveraging verified datasets for S&P 500 companies and the NIFTY 50, as well as the comprehensive analytical powers of large language models (LLMs), hila consumes numerous types of documents—including earning transcripts, financials, income statements, and balance sheets—to unveil actionable insights for financial professionals.

"To converse means to be familiar with—an inherent trust in the interaction itself. As we develop conversational AI for enterprise applications, creating familiarity and trust is critical, and guardrails for safety and reliability are essential,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, founder and CEO of Vianai Systems. “Our product hila enables investors to ask great questions, accelerate insights, and make informed decisions, while providing precise answers that users can verify. The future of research is interactive, curiosity-driven, and reliable, and I am proud of our team's work in creating hila as an example of human-centered conversational AI.”

hila’s repository of financial information and public companies is updated each week; additionally, hila allows users to upload their own documents, kept private from other users of the AI.

In contrast to other generative AI financial tools, such as GPT chat for finance, hila is free to users as part of its research phase, according to the company.

With thousands of users taking advantage of Vianai Systems’ AI assistant, financial professionals can gauge management sentiment and priorities, identify analyst concerns, inquire about quarterly earnings, and more; hila’s vast array of data collection enables investors to make smarter decisions with assured confidence.

“hila vastly improves my research process. I can rapidly search 10ks and earnings calls to find if anything related to my theses are hidden inside,” said Mike Ostroff, an investment analyst at Maverick Capital. “More importantly, I can do it quickly without wasting time skimming irrelevant topics or pinpointing key words.”

hila is currently available in limited free access. Vianai Systems anticipates rolling out advanced and premium iterations of the AI assistant in the future.

To learn more about hila, please visit https://www.hila.ai/.

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