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Boosting end user, analyst, and executive workflows with SymphonyAI’s latest copilot

SymphonyAI, a leader in predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS, is debuting the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot, a generative AI (GenAI) copilot designed to supercharge employee productivity and customer satisfaction via rapid issue resolution and dynamic, on-demand information and support. By addressing the needs of three categories of users—end users, analysts, and leadership—the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot optimizes each workflow with context, speed, and high-quality experiences in mind.

Powered by SymphonyAI’s award-winning predictive and generative Eureka GenAI platform, the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot brings users closer to the information they need to address enterprise support needs. In doing so, organizations can direct critical resources toward processes that more adequately fuel high-quality service experiences, according to SymphonyAI.

The Apex Enterprise IT Copilot enhances the quality of user interactions as well as operational effectiveness by:

  • Automatically handling routine end-user inquiries
  • Reducing service ticket volumes
  • Affording agents with the bandwidth necessary to focus on more pressing tasks
  • Optimizing workflows, automating tasks, and delivering intelligent, context-aware responses with advanced AI algorithms

One of the fundamental focuses of SymphonyAI’s new copilot is to address the needs and empower the workflows of three different users, the end users, the analysts, and leadership.

For the end user employee, the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot connects this persona with the relevant knowledge they need through Summit Service Automation. It is applicable to use cases including knowledge search, password reset, shared folder access, guest Wi-Fi access, and more.

For the analyst, the copilot enhances the management of technical team processes by making it easy to resolve issues with work prioritization, operational intelligence, and targeted knowledge articles.

Finally, for leadership, SymphonyAI’s copilot surfaces real-time insights that magnify trends and patterns that directly power data-driven decisions. Additionally, the copilot assists in easing major incident and crisis management, further offering real-time trend predictions and operational insights.

“The power of generative AI and the role-based copilot is unmistakable, putting power where it’s needed and saving time and effort for all the roles,” said Roy Atkinson, principal advisor and CEO, Clifton Butterfield, LLC. “For end-users—the consumers of IT services—this combination means rapid access to self-help and better help from analysts when needed. For IT leaders, it means better information that arrives faster, enabling improved decision-making. From individual end-users to the enterprise, the combination of GenAI and copilots will bring gains in performance and accuracy.”

“The SymphonyAI Apex Enterprise IT Copilot exemplifies the ease of use and business value of these groundbreaking tools, bringing increased accuracy, velocity, and understanding to employees and business leaders. IT asset management and IT service management can benefit from the insights and time-saving capabilities of the Apex Enterprise IT copilot,” continued Atkinson and Butterfield.

The newly introduced copilot is a component of SymphonyAI Apex, a predictive and generative AI-based IT service management/enterprise service management (ITSM/ESM) platform. Offering responsive, effective, and efficient service management capabilities with a lightweight architecture, SymphonyAI Apex—along with the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot—aims to create productive, user-, analyst-, and executive-friendly work experiences.

“We are delighted to bring to market the AI-based Apex IT Enterprise Copilot that intelligently combines SymphonyAI’s extensive enterprise IT track record and the industry-leading Eureka generative and predictive AI platform,” said Satyen Vyas, president of SymphonyAI’s enterprise IT division. “From end users to analysts to the executive suite, the Enterprise IT Copilot, in harmony with Apex’s best-in-class service management and workflow automation, delivers fundamentally transformational outcomes with quantum leaps in productivity, ROI, and user satisfaction.”

To learn more about the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot, please visit https://www.symphonyai.com/.

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