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Driving personalization and efficiency in the employee experience with LumApps

While a typical day in the workflow of any industry involves a multitude of critical decisions, actions, and management, it is also inundated with time-draining, low-value tasks, absorbing significant time from workers. Many enterprises look to automation and intelligent tooling as the solution, yet a lack of smart integration or personalized experiences can lead to ineffectiveness in optimizing productivity.

Mary Kaplan, product marketing manager at LumApps, joined KMWorld’s webinar, “Improving Workplace Productivity: Automation with a Human Touch,” to reveal the methods and technologies that can cultivate a positive, customized employee experience (EX) to ultimately improve time allocation and productivity for critical and non-critical tasks.

Opening with statistics from McKinsey and Zendesk, the average employee spends 1.9 hours per day searching for relevant information at work; furthermore, 70% of internal support team leaders had reported an increase in employee requests in 2021. These facts, paired with the notion that more than 50% of employees have experienced a reduction or restructuring of teams (according to VitalSmarts), drives a fundamental conclusion: enterprises must do more with less.

Kaplan made clear that embracing this “more with less” ideology boils down to the EX, which must be equally as orchestrated, personalized, measurable, engaging, and critical as the customer/consumer experience (CX). This requires a seamless flow between enterprise digital and employee headquarters, integrating knowledge systems with information search.

The digital headquarters, or the effective communications that drive employee alignment, is critical toward encouraging employee inclusivity and engagement while ensuring secure, simplified access to organizational resources, information, and applications.

Employee headquarters, then, must support efficiency at the level of the individual; reaching across business applications to improve search, knowledge sharing, and productivity while guiding employees across key moments in their career can be instrumental in cultivating an optimized EX. Organizations must provide the right information throughout an enterprise’s stack of applications, ideally featuring everything in a single place.

LumApps’ Employee Experience Platform encourages that ideal employee headquarters with centralized, automated workflows, conversational search, and a persistent digital assistant, according to Kaplan.

Workflow automations within LumApps’ EX Platform feature ServiceNow, JiraSoftware, Workday, Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Concur integrations to connect employees with knowledge efficiently.

These automations encourage employees to do their best work without having to spend significant time on various low-impact tasks. Enabling employees to be more autonomous in getting assistance, information, and resources, as well as reducing context-switching, promotes greater productivity.

Kaplan dove deeper into LumApps’ digital assistant, which is designed to guide all employees across organizational channels, including LumApps, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Slack.

According to a LumApps EX Platform customer, Imerys, the platform and digital assistant “helped us avoid hundreds of additional support tickets and wasted resources. The digital assistant on our LumApps platform is a great way to get the best out of our internal tools and build a comprehensive employee experience at Imerys.”

Featuring an IT support bot, built to aid employees in solving software and hardware issues, and an HR bot, designed to accompany employees along personalized learning paths, reduces the strain on enterprise resources. With less calls and emails to IT and HR teams, IT and HR can focus more time on critical and valuable tasks with up to 50% ticket deflection.

For an in-depth discussion revolving around LumApps’ EX Platform and its use cases, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.

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