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Applying Pryon’s enterprise AI platform to alleviate knowledge friction in modern KM systems

Modern knowledge management systems are often segmented into a few categories—storage, organization, collaboration, or guidance to documents. While these knowledge areas certainly provide some modicum of efficiency, a crucial question must be raised; do any of these facets provide real, tangible answers to the people that need them, when they need them?

Chris Mahl, president and COO at Pryon, and Jason Zhou, senior director of solutions and services at Pryon, joined KMWorld’s webinar, “AI’s Role in Unlocking Enterprise Knowledge,” to highlight this knowledge friction plaguing many enterprises, where many KM systems currently in place lack the ability to surface relevant knowledge and direct it to those who need it. Luckily, with the power of AI technologies, KM systems can finally rise above this friction to improve productivity, work quality, and employee satisfaction.

Mahl emphasized that knowledge friction costs enterprises trillions; according to a statistic from McKinsey, 470,000 hours are spent annually in searching for information, leading to a $27 million loss in productivity per 1,000 employees, annually. This is ultimately due to a disconnect between where content is stored and where knowledge is needed—the problems that cause knowledge friction.

This abundant friction has led to innovation on behalf of Pryon, where they argue that AI is central to understanding knowledge, comprehending a user’s question, and answering accurately.

Pryon’s enterprise AI platform offers both accuracy and scalability that enterprises demand of their KM systems while leveraging AI-driven technology to fuse knowledge from across existing content sources—including that of unstructured varieties.

Taking a deeper dive into Pyron’s platform, the solution offers the following capabilities:

  • Takes users to the exact right answer with 90%+ accuracy
  • Organizes text in natural reading order through OCR and proprietary LLMs, interprets meaning through layout analysis
  • Provides verifiable, in-context answers to natural language questions without manual indexing
  • Automatically ingests, reads, and understands millions of files in hours to days
  • Update sources and re-syncs content with one click

Zhou further explained that the benefits of using Pryon’s AI-powered answers platform are tangible in its value, where increased productivity nets $4.7 million annual value impact, improved customer satisfaction nets $700,000, improved work quality nets $1.2 million, and improved knowledge management nets $100,000. These advantageous sums add up to an astounding $6.7 million total value impact from a single use case, according to Zhou.

Pryon’s platform offers a suite of intelligent solutions to propel revenue and productivity for an enterprise’s KM system, including an enterprise domain expert, virtual sales engineer, and enterprise process and policy guide.

Additionally, the platform radically transforms how enterprises think about AI deployment, accelerating time-to-value in as little as 1-2 months and time-to-feasibility in 1-2 weeks—rivaling traditional methods’ approximate 12 month and 3-plus month time-to-value and time-to-feasibility.

For an in-depth discussion of Pryon’s enterprise AI platform with an accompanying demo, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.

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