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Beekeeper invites simple, positive, and holistic frontline employee management with latest solution

Beekeeper, a leading app for frontline teams, is debuting Frontline Employee Lifecycle Management, a solution suite engineered to remediate the “Frontline Disconnect,” or the poor communication existing between execs and upper management at the office and their workers on the frontlines. By optimizing communication, engagement, and other work processes between HR and frontline employees, Beekeeper redefines the employee lifecycle to ultimately reduce disengagement and churn while inviting more positive business outcomes.

According to Beekeeper's 2024 Frontline Workforce Pulse Report, turnover rates for frontline workers are on the rise, with 40% turnover on average but up to 60% in particular industries. Citing the “Frontline Disconnect,” Beekeeper identified a growing gap between execs, HR, and frontline employees as a leading cause for this churn and disengagement. Frontline Employee Lifecycle Management aims to directly address this disconnect, tailoring its technology to meet the needs of both HR and frontline workers throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

“It's clear to us at Beekeeper that, with the right technology, HR can be repositioned as a driver of real value creation for companies that employ frontline workers,” said Cris Grossmann, CEO, co-founder, and chairman of Beekeeper. “Throughout the entire employee lifecycle—from onboarding and training, to offboarding and more—HR teams are often faced with what can appear to be competing priorities. We know that HR needs support and that HR functions can ultimately contribute to a company’s bottom line when their teams have the tools they need.” 

With Frontline Employee Lifecycle Management, enterprises can adopt and forward the ideal frontline worker experience, complete with all the tools, self-service, adaptability, and ease necessary to empower frontline workers to succeed from the very beginning, according to Grossmann. Beekeeper’s solution further drives effective knowledge sharing by eliminating the need for manual, paper-based processes in favor of no-code, customizable workflows.

The goal of Frontline Employee Lifecycle Management is to not only offer streamlined, effective onboarding, training, productivity, and offboarding tools, but to drive the creation of welcoming, well-supported work environments that eradicate communication silos preventing positive business outcomes.

“The goal, ultimately, is to create a workforce that is supported with all the tools they need for companies to succeed—a workforce that feels wholly supported and finds real meaning and fulfillment in their work. Per our Pulse Report, inadequate staffing and a lack of feeling safe and secure are two of the top three stressors for frontline employees. Eliminate those factors, and you'll get much closer to an ideal frontline worker experience,” said Grossmann.

Frontline Employee Lifecycle Management fills the gaps between hire and retirement with a suite of solutions that innovate in the following areas:

  • Recruitment, cutting recruitment costs and filling positions faster via optimized employee referrals and more
  • Onboarding, with customizable, brand-aligned workflows designed to both set expectations and welcome employees to prevent early quitting
  • Training, arming workers with the knowledge necessary to succeed at every phase of the employee lifecycle, ranging from day-zero onboarding to on-the-job microlearning based on job and location
  • Productivity and intelligence, offering real-time communications powered by AI tech that removes language barriers and assesses employee sentiment, as well as self-service functions that reduces workplace stress and inefficiencies
  • Performance evaluation, which allows HR to craft performance reviews that promote feedback and rewards employees for good work
  • Offboarding, which includes exit interviews that enhance knowledge transfer and promote positive offboarding experiences that can impact future hiring

To learn more about Beekeeper’s Frontline Employee Lifecycle Management, please visit https://www.beekeeper.io/.

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