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$2.35M funding supercharges Enkrypt AI’s GenAI and LLM security platform

Enkrypt AI, the company driving the safe adoption of generative AI (GenAI) within enterprises, is announcing the completion of a $2.35 million funding round which will aid in its mission to ensure the use of GenAI and LLMs is safe, secure, and compliant. The funding—led by Boldcap with participation from Berkeley SkyDeck, Kubera VC, Arka VC, Veredas Partners, Builders Fund, and angel investors in the AI, healthcare, and enterprise space—will fuel Enkrypt AI Sentry, the company’s holistic access control and visibility platform for GenAI use cases.

Enkrypt AI Sentry implements a control layer that lies between LLMs and end-users, combining the powers of visibility and security for proprietary GenAI applications. By offering holistic control and transparency, enterprises using Sentry can detect and mitigate LLM attacks—such as jailbreaks or hallucinations—as well as prevent sensitive data leaks.

As GenAI and LLM adoptions continue to accelerate, protection and security, as well as adherence to emerging regulations, will be crucial for enterprises trying to stay competitive in this space.

“Businesses are really excited about using LLMs, but they're also worried about how trustworthy they are and the uncertain regulatory landscape. Based on our conversations with CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs, we are convinced that for LLMs to be widely adopted, it must be built on a foundation of security, privacy, and compliance,” said Sahil Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Enkrypt AI. “With Sentry, we are merging visibility and security to ultimately align with and support adherence to regulatory frameworks like the White House Executive Order on AI, the EU AI Act, and other AI-centric regulations, laying the groundwork for safe and compliant AI integration.”

With Enkrypt AI’s technology delivering significant insight into LLM usage and performance, organizations can accelerate their GenAI adoption by up to 10x, where previous production times for applications decrease from years to weeks, according to the vendor. As both standards and threat actors evolve, Enkrypt AI is committed to ensuring that enterprises’ GenAI and LLM data privacy and security remains ahead of the curve.

“As the benefits of AI become ever more tangible, so do the risks. Our platform does more than just detect vulnerabilities; it equips developers with a comprehensive toolkit to fortify their AI solutions against both current and future threats,” said Prashanth Harshangi, co-founder and CTO at Enkrypt AI. “We're championing a paradigm where trust and innovation coalesce, enabling the deployment of AI technologies with the confidence that they are as secure and reliable as they are revolutionary.”

To learn more about Enkrypt AI, please visit https://www.enkryptai.com/.

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