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Sinequa launches Workplace Search to support the employee experience

Sinequa, the search cloud company, is unveiling Workplace Search, a SaaS-based knowledge solution that enables employees to access and retrieve company knowledge with speed and ease. Enhancing productivity and collaboration, Sinequa’s Workplace Search underpins the employee experience with pertinent knowledge to empower their workflows and eradicate disparate tools and information silos. 

Searching for information in an era of peak data generation is an almost impossible task. According to a Forrester study, enterprises employ an average of 367 different software tools, resulting in employees spending 25% of their time trying to find relevant information instead of focusing on their tasks. 

Workplace Search targets this widening gap between employee and information by rapidly connecting to any content source, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU) to encourage easy, secure, and capable searches, according to the vendor.   

“Organizations can no longer rely on siloed applications and their embedded basic keyword search,” said Adrien Gabeur, VP of cloud and SaaS at Sinequa. “Workplace Search leverages the latest large language technology to understand user’s natural language and deliver unmatched relevance and performance. Knowledge-driven organizations can now equip their employees with ubiquitous, consumer-grade search experiences across information silos.”

Workplace Search features highly customizable components out-of-the-box, equipped with industry-certified security mechanisms for enterprise peace of mind. Other aspects of Sinequa’s Workplace Search include:

  • Neural Search capabilities that improve search relevance
  • Presentation Builder for locating individual slides within a presentation
  • Document Navigator for rapid access to key information, automatically highlighting relevant keywords and passages within a document without format or size limitations 
  • Quickly previewing documents in search results
  • Finding experts on searched topics and their related work
  • Collaborating with experts through chat capabilities 

The solution drives employee productivity in the midst of high volumes of disordered data, allowing employees to focus on the work that matters, according to the vendor. 

“Finding knowledge that lives within an organization’s siloed systems is a growing problem. Not only does it directly impact employee productivity, but revenue and customer outcomes,” said Hayley Sutherland, research manager of knowledge discovery and conversational AI at IDC.  “With Workplace Search, Sinequa has the potential to address the rapidly evolving needs of the workplace with advanced relevance and scalability.”

For more information about Workplace Search, please visit https://www.sinequa.com/

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