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TrueDelivery protects SMS marketing campaigns against spam filters with adaptive AI

TrueDialog, the provider of enterprise-grade SMS text messaging solutions, is unveiling TrueDelivery, the company’s SMS deliverability alerting tool designed to enhance the success rate of vendors’ SMS campaigns via AI and machine learning (ML).

With statistics revealing the importance of SMS communications—such as a 2022 report by CTIA that found text messages have a 98% open rate and a 2021 Forrestor report that showed businesses attributed 12.8% of their online revenue to SMS marketing—enterprises cannot afford for their SMS marketing campaigns to fail due to push back from carriers, according to TrueDialog.

Built by analyzing hundreds of millions of text messages through AI and ML, TrueDelivery acts as a defense layer between a company’s messaging and carriers' spam filters. TrueDelivery helps to avoid wasted costs and communications failures due to spam filtering—or worse, blacklisting by carriers—which pose a threat to vendor campaigns.

“When generative AI was released to the public, we quickly began working on a way to harness its power to identify messages from reputable senders that may be incorrectly marked as spam and making suggestions to correct them,” said John Wright, CEO of TrueDialog. “TrueDelivery is our newest AI feature, joining TrueDialog’s AI Chat Assistant, which suggests quick responses to customers' 1:1 inbound texts for revenue and customer success teams.”

TrueDelivery’s AI training models evolve with the changes in carrier spam filters, ensuring that vendors can execute campaigns without fail, offering instant feedback for content editors to improve message deliverability. This solution ultimately refines SMS marketing campaign success while reducing costs—often due to false positives being marked as spam—and enhancing vendor-customer relationships with a reliable line of communication, according to TrueDialog.

"We were excited to be a beta customer of TrueDelivery, seeing a 65% reduction in messages being falsely blocked as spam by the carriers," said Mary Loyer, global sales director, Brazilian Professionals. "This tool improved our campaign success metrics, ensuring our messages made it to their intended recipients, which dramatically increased our sales. Given that text is our most effective and efficient marketing channel for our company, TrueDelivery is such a powerful tool and has been a game changer for the success of our business.”

To learn more about TrueDialog, please visit https://www.truedialog.com/.

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