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Seek AI and Prodigy integrate, combining natural language querying with marketing analytics

Seek AI, a developer of generative AI for data solutions, is debuting the integration of its natural language to SQL (NL2SQL) solution into Prodigy, a cloud-based production data SaaMS (Software as Managed Service) platform. With this integration, accessibility to advanced data insights will increase, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions with the most sophisticated data.

PostAds Group’s Prodigy platform aims to unify and aggregate marketing production data for analytics reporting, eliminating manual data entry through AI-based ingestion of project information. Seek AI’s large language model (LLM) technology—which empowers non-technical personas to ask questions about complicated, structured data—pushes Prodigy’s capabilities further by pairing its insight surfacing with a natural language interface.

Now, users of Prodigy can ask questions about the data they’re being delivered, driving faster insights and greater overall value, according to the company.

“It's a chat interface, where you can just ask questions…about the Prodigy data the same way that…before Prodigy, maybe they would have gone directly to the Prodigy team…then Seek does all the heavy lifting for them, calculating the results from this quite complex, valuable dataset,” explained Sarah Nagy, founder and CEO of Seek AI.

Seek AI’s NL2SQL technology sits on top of the Prodigy data, querying the data exactly where it resides. Achieving SOC 2 Type 2 earlier this year, as well as being the first model to break 90% accuracy on the Spider SQL benchmark, Seek emphasizes security without sacrificing on quality, according to the company.

Using a proprietary system of models for natural language processing (NLP) of structured data—dubbed SEEKER-1—Seek AI’s technology supports reinforcement and in-context learning, simultaneously comprehending natural language commands and generating high-quality SQL code to query databases with.

“Ad hoc questions have surged because users are not familiar with data, leaving a customer base hungry for deeper insights,” says Mark Dunn, COO of Prodigy. “Traditional data templates like Tableau serve their purpose; but the demand is for more, and, with the integration of Seek’s NLP technology, this platform delivers.”

“What Prodigy has built is already extremely valuable to their customers. Marketing teams are able to get a level of visibility that they really couldn't get without Prodigy,” said Nagy. “Now, with a natural language interface that can enable more ROI out of that product, anyone in marketing should consider Prodigy, and contact the Prodigy team for a demo.”

To learn more about the Seek AI and Prodigy integration, please visit https://www.seek.ai/ or https://www.pagprodigy.com/.

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