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Leostream 2023.2 enhances remote IT with new vendor support, self-hosting options, and UI

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Leostream, the Remote Desktop Access Platform provider, is announcing the launch of Leostream 2023.2, the latest iteration of the company’s Remote Desktop Access Platform. Designed to empower IT teams to “work-from-anywhere,” the update to the platform emphasizes greater flexibility and customization that enhances both administration and end user experiences.

Since the global pandemic, remote work has become more relevant than ever. Solutions such as Leostream’s platform are critical in the configuration, provisioning, and management of virtual desktops, allowing enterprises to confidently and securely function in remote or hybrid environments. 

“Everyone's talking about remote access now. Conveniently, it's what we've been doing for 20 years,” said Karen D. Gondoly, CEO of Leostream. “And our focus is always on making sure that we're connecting the right people to the right business resources so that they can get their job done—while the company also remains as secure as they possibly can be.”

As part of this update, Leostream continues to adhere to its core tenets—simple configuration, secure remote access, and a freedom of choice environment—while remaining customer-focused in its feature development. As a self-hosted solution designed with multi-vendor support, Leostream meets its customers where they are in their existing stacks.

With the rise in popularity in leveraging AWS for cloud and Microsoft 365 for work management, Leostream acknowledges this trend by increasing its support for both environments. Leostream 2023.2 features:

  • Improved Amazon WorkSpaces Core support
  • Launch Templates for AWS EC2 provisioning
  • io recipe payloads
  • Launch DCV connections via a URI

“How we differentiate from a lot of the other vendors out there goes down to this freedom of choice element,” said Gondoly. “It's all about making IT more efficient by giving them a single interface—which is our broker—to manage a hybrid, cloud, or on-prem environment.”

Leostream’s updates are further reflected in an improved UI, releasing a new web client, a dark mode scheme, increased accessibility, and a “third-party assigned” designation which allow end users to access third-party assigned machines through Leostream. Additionally, the latest iteration of the Remote Desktop Platform now supports SELinux and UTF-8.

“As organizations are thinking about, ‘Hey, I am going through this digital transformation, I do want to move up to the cloud,’ think about Leostream and using it as that interface that allows you to take whatever you have on-prem and continue to use it,” said Gondoly. “By inserting Leostream, you can start moving users as it makes sense for your organization into the cloud.”

To learn more about Leostream 2023.2, please visit https://leostream.com/.

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