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Vendr 2.0 launch brings visibility to the forefront of SaaS purchasing and management

Vendr, a SaaS buying platform, is debuting Vendr 2.0, providing integration between SaaS purchasing and SaaS management products onto a single system. This enables companies to earn appropriate return on their software expenditures through the most complete SaaS buying platform, according to the company.

Vendor 2.0’s largest focus is its promise of visibility; with this latest system, users will be able to access insights regarding team software purchase and utilization through their integrated system of record, informing companies with what software ushers in the most value with limited overspend and acquisition times.  According to the company, Vendr 2.0 guarantees to save more than the program costs, citing their average delivery of 9x ROI.

“With the launch of Vendr 2.0, our system-of-record now integrates with our customers’ key business systems to offer greater insight into the apps their teams are buying and using, in addition to organizing contracts and supplier history,” said Ryan Neu, co-founder and CEO of Vendr. “This visibility, coupled with our expert team of buyers and rich insights from more than 13k transactions we’ve supported, means companies can become more proactive and more data-driven than ever in their approach to SaaS buying.”

Coupling Vendr 2.0’s return rates and ease of operation, the system is built for organizations at any scale, according to the company. The program’s data is sourced from more than 2,000 SaaS suppliers, offering advanced insight into which software purchases will provide maximum return.

Features of this release include the Overlapping Apps report for locating duplicative application services, as well as Custom Properties which allow for ecosystem tracking of SaaS for optimal customization for their individual processes. Vendr 2.0 also consists of negotiation support through their amassed insights to quickly evaluate deal fairness, insight into internal approval workflows for accelerated purchase requests, as well as increased visibility for stakeholder financial assurance.

Future plans for Vendr include additional system integrations, advanced contract management, customizable intakes, and automated procurement workflows, according to the company.

For more information, please visit https://www.vendr.com/.

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