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MIKEY from XFactor.io introduces industry-trained AI to revenue-growth management

XFactor.io, the AI-powered go-to-market platform, is unveiling MIKEY, an AI platform designed to analyze market trajectories and fluctuations, optimizing revenue-based growth decisions at scale. MIKEY remediates challenges associated with operational planning, surfacing the right data to make the right decisions.

Trained on XFactor.io’s market data and the combined knowledge of the enterprise’s leadership team, MIKEY constantly procures insights on market trends, proposing decisions for executives based on real, accurate data.

MIKEY comprehends the intricacies of go-to-market planning—at an intimate, mathematical, and scientific level—to deliver consistent and precise recommendations based on continuously updated datasets at both the micro and macroeconomic planes.

“A lot of companies sometimes try to go to many verticals too fast. So, the first three verticals that we're hyper focused on are the IT field, enterprise software, and cybersecurity,” said Jimmie Lee, CTO at XFactor.io. “The way that we're structured is by focusing purely on an initial set of verticals, we're able to actually build the models with specific indicators on those data sets.”

“We're not OpenAI; we're not plugging into any other large data source through IBM or Microsoft or any other company. We're purely custom,” Lee continued. “So those companies are going to allow us to connect into the enterprise platforms like Salesforce, Workday, ADP, and others, and we're going to pull in those dynamic datasets and run it through our unique models that are performing calculations in our ML and AI servers. And then we're going to be able to generate the return, which will provide the answers on how they need to go about their go to market planning.”

MIKEY is built from the ground-up as a secure, enterprise-grade AI architecture, equipped with its own models and natural language processing technology. Its deep understanding of market trends fuels growth and revenue for any enterprise, supported by accurate, up-to-date data. Being fully integrated, MIKEY provides the tools and scenarios that guide its users toward understanding their enterprise in the context of the market they exist in.

“What you're really getting is the knowledge and experience of not only one of the world's best CROs, but the rest of our top-notch team. It's almost like getting a world class revenue organization in the palm of your hand,” said Lee. “The average user does not have to be a super experienced CRO, CFO, or CEO… [they now have] the tools and capabilities to be able to compete in a marketplace that is hyper unique.”

Unlike other AI that focuses on automation without true predictability, MIKEY was specifically constructed to address large enterprises that harbor sensitive PII and trade secrets that are unwilling to connect to a startup-rate application, according to Lee.

“Our AI is truly built in a custom way, and its models are trained specifically on this industry. We believe that that's one of the things that's going to differentiate us not only now, but into the future,” he concluded.

To learn more about MIKEY, please visit https://www.xfactor.io/.

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