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Foundry’s Sales Acceleration brings actionable, consolidated insights for sales teams

Foundry, the media, data, and martech division of IDG Inc., is launching its account-based sales acceleration product built on the Triblio ABM orchestration platform. The solution targets sales rep productivity by providing critical insights within their CRM or sales engagement tool, directly impacting business outcomes.

The Sales Acceleration product by Foundry follows the enterprise’s acquisition of ABM platform Triblio in June 2020. This has positioned Foundry to continue to deliver data-driven solutions to support marketing and revenue teams; the Sales Acceleration product is the latest in Foundry’s ambition of providing actionable, consolidated insights for sales reps.

“Foundry’s Sales Acceleration product puts the real power of automated account research on display and is a prime example of what it means to make intent data and other behavioral insights actionable by salespeople,” said Tukan Das, VP of product management at Foundry.

Powered by Foundry Intent insights and the Triblio platform, the enterprise’s Sales Acceleration product imparts useful intelligence regarding sales reps' best accounts, contacts, proposed next actions, and more, according to the vendor.

Insights revealing account research and buying signals within sales reps’ territories is possible with Foundry’s Sales Acceleration product, as well as automatic discovery of ideal contacts for Salesloft or Outreach.

“By feeding Foundry Intent insights directly into sellers’ CRMs or sales engagement platforms, reps benefit from knowing who’s in the market at that moment and can dedicate their time to closing the deal—instead of spending hours doing manual research on their accounts,” explained Das.

“Sellers spend more time in their CRM than any other tool, so anything we can do to fill their CRM with insights that can help them close is a win,” said Jason Rushforth, GM/SVP Americas for SugarCRM. “Foundry’s Sales Acceleration module helps reps close more deals faster, from right inside their CRM.”

To learn more about Foundry’s Sales Acceleration product, please visit https://foundryco.com/.

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