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Nexthink Adopt supercharges end-to-end app engagement, performance, and productivity

Nexthink, the leader in digital employee experience management software, is unveiling Nexthink Adopt, a solution built on Nexthink’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platform designed to reduce friction in digital adoption. Nexthink Adopt aids in increasing ROI for single or multi-application environments, enabling end-to-end application success with AI-driven analytics, personalized employee guidance, and greater transparency in technical performance and reliability, according to the company.

The application landscape for many modern enterprises is a complex, disjointed array of diverse services with their own requirements and cultures. According to AppLearn’s “The Hidden Cost of the Digital Employee Experience” report, employees spend 2.7 hours looking for application support and 1.5 hours reading application training materials every week. To ensure that an organization maximizes the value of its investments, comprehensive app adoption and engagement is critical.

Nexthink Adopt targets this inefficiency, reducing digital friction to inspire increased employee productivity, enhanced data quality, and reduced IT support spend. Nexthink Adopt offers predictive, AI-driven analytics to help improve app usage, reduce error, and save employee time, as well as personalized experiences for each employee on their app journeys. With targeted desktop pop-up campaigns—based on a user’s actions or inactions—Nexthink Adopt offers 1-click technical self-help and IT remediation to better streamline app interactions.

“Consistent support for application usage is crucial to overall digital employee experience,” said Shawna Cartwright, senior vice president, enterprise technology, at Cushman & Wakefield. “When introducing new applications, or indeed relaunching existing ones, success is dependent on the employee’s understanding and ability to seamlessly fit it into their existing workflow. Nexthink Adopt provides that consistency for our employees, which in turn saves both our HR Support and IT teams money and hours previously spent on addressing issues."

Nexthink Adopt provides in-depth visibility into app technical performance, reliability, and availability, helping organizations maintain continuous app performance. Delivered as a no-code browser extension, Nexthink Adopt is easy to set up and scale across single and multi-app set ups, according to the company. Nexthink offers further support with its Center of Excellence, a dedicated team of digital adoption experts to aid enterprises’ app engagement troubles.

“In today’s digital workforce, employees can’t succeed if they struggle with applications,” said Samuele Gantner, chief product officer at Nexthink. “To drive successful digital transformation, ensuring that apps work and are performant is a first step but not enough. Companies also need to ensure that employees are aware of these apps and know how to use them properly. Otherwise, it leads to hours of lost work, legal ramifications, or loss of revenue. Nexthink Adopt is the solution to a problem every company has, but only Nexthink provides digital employee experience capabilities with in-app, contextual guidance of applications to deliver customers the best return on their application investments.”

To learn more about Nexthink Adopt, please visit https://www.nexthink.com/.

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