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Virtual agents can take enterprise service management to new levels

ESM is an attempt to adopt the best practices of ITSM and provide a holistic approach to service management across disparate silos within organizations

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Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.


- Thomas Fuller

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Knowledge Management Case Studies

Leading U.K. Port Group selects K2 Software to accelerate companywide digital process automation

PD Ports develops more than 20 applications on K2's intelligent process automation platform to optimize business efficiency for mission-critical processes throughout its organization

New York City Department of Transportation relies on Mindbreeze InSpire  

NYCDOT's objective is to deliver widely scattered but valuable information to the appropriate users and departments at the right time and in the right context

Centra Health improves patient care with Oracle Cloud apps

Hospital network moves finance, procurement, human resources, and supply chain applications to the cloud to increase efficiency and improve business insights

Active Navigation helps strengthen Equifax’s cybersecurity footprint

Investments in new technologies help Equifax protect sensitive data 

Knowledge Management Opinions & Analysis

Cognitive computing and AI begin to grow together

How do we manage the hype and promise for new inventions while making sure that they represent a realistic opportunity? Can we invent self-driving cars or a Boeing 737 MAX without exposure to the risks these innovations can pose to our lives?

Perspective on Knowledge: 250 Columns later

Knowledge management has indeed become a multi-threaded discipline, embracing just about everything related to knowledge.

Deep project management

Given the increased negative media exposure that comes from project failure, organizations need more tightly integrated, intelligent project management systems, in addition to people who have the requisite skills. This need will grow as systems continue to become more complex and timelines more tightly compressed.

Perspective on Knowledge: The challenge of emergence

Traditionally, we humans have succeeded at building complex structures by breaking plans down into a multitude of simple, predictable, knowable causes and effects.

Knowledge Management White Papers

SDL WorldServer Increases Revenue on All of ANA’s International Sites

Reclaim Your Weekend

A Localization Project Manager's Guide to Saving Time and Finding Freedom!

The Power of AI-Assisted Enterprise Search

Beyond Translating Words: Solving Business Problems with Machine Translation