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Smartling and Iterable make multilingual, cross-channel communication easy

Smartling, Inc., the enterprise LanguageAI company, is unveiling a new integration with Iterable, the AI-powered customer communication platform, which leverages the combined power of Iterable’s cross-channel marketing capabilities and Smartling’s LanguageAI platform. This integration will power frictionless data exchange between the two companies, ultimately empowering better multilingual experiences at every interaction, according to the vendors.

Seamless data exchange between Smartling and Iterable works to ease translation of email, push, in-app, and SMS templates. Leveraging Smartling’s robust translation management system, the integration delivers a contextual translation experience for both translators and reviewers alike.

Upon the completion of the translation, the migration of content is automated, pushing the information back into Iterable for immediate deployment to customers throughout several different channels.

“Smartling automates and simplifies the translation and localization process, allowing businesses to communicate with their global audiences. Our shared customers can now more easily create multilingual, relevant messages to reach new markets and audiences,” said Andrew Saxe, vice president of product at Smartling. “This integration supports our goal of helping customers automate 100% of their translation and localization process, which saves them time and money.”

Smartling and Iterable’s integration empowers teams to connect with customers in their preferred language, across a variety of channels. Empowering multilingual business environments with ease in mind not only increases customer engagement and marketing workflows but also strengthens the personalization of each experience.

“Our collaboration with Smartling empowers Iterable users to effortlessly expand their global, cross-channel reach, opening doors to new markets and amplifying brand reach,” added Kelley Turner, vice president of customer success at Iterable. “By streamlining the creation and launch of multilingual campaigns, this integration makes it easier than ever for our customers to engage and connect with their target audiences on a global scale and deliver personalized experiences that drive meaningful engagement and growth.”

To learn more about Smartling and Iterable’s latest integration, please visit https://www.smartling.com/ or https://iterable.com/.

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