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TripleBlind’s latest data de-identification solutions spark healthcare and life sciences innovation

TripleBlind, the automated, real-time data de-identification company, is announcing the addition of three new product offerings to the TripleBlind Privacy Suite, enabling enterprises to collaboratively interact with their data while maintaining comprehensive and robust privacy.

De-identification is a critical component of using patient data both ethically and legally, ensuring compliance with a myriad of privacy regulations. TripleBlind’s de-identification of data occurs in real-time, existing behind the organization's firewall, and always maintaining complete privacy and protection of data without degrading the quality of data. Compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other international data privacy and data residency standards, TripleBlind ensures that organizational data is treated with holistic care.

The new products—Privacy Builder, Privacy Fortress, and Privacy Network—help unlock the true potential of data in the way that works best for each individual organization in tandem with TripleBlind’s stringent privacy standards, according to the vendor. Built to empower healthcare and life science organizations dealing with sensitive data, TripleBlind’s latest products drive actionable data insights with privacy and compliance at the forefront.

The first of the announced products, Privacy Builder, expedites speed-to-market efforts without jeopardizing sensitive data or intellectual property. Acting as an infrastructure layer, Privacy Builder allows organizations to produce new products and platforms on top of TripleBlind’s data privacy technology.

“Privacy Builder allows existing workflows and projects to get to the analysis of data faster,” explained Riddhiman Das, co-founder and CEO of TripleBlind. “This means that projects that have historically required many months of manual de-identification work, which degraded the quality of the data, can now use that data instantaneously with higher fidelity.”

Privacy Fortress invites secure collaboration for organizations operating in the global healthcare, publicly-funded healthcare, and life sciences realms. This military-grade solution underpins secure collaboration with the protection of data in-use, abiding by global privacy compliance regulations.

“Patient data is usually the most sensitive private data, according to most regulations. This leaves institutions that operate across national and state boundaries with silos of data, which prevent the use of such data for advancing medical diagnoses,” said Das. “Privacy Fortress was developed to solve the needs of healthcare institutions that have multiple silos of data to allow their data to be used for the advancement of medical research without requiring the data co-exist in one location.”

The final announced product, Privacy Network, similarly enhances cross-organizational collaboration; providing a single, compliant network, organizations can share and combine datasets that propel actionable insights. These insights optimize positive business outcomes and promote easy access collaboration with in-network partners, all supported by a compliant network that keeps sensitive data private.

“TripleBlind’s Privacy Network enables the development of ecosystems of organizations to come together to solve some of the most meaningful problems affecting humanity using personal data in a completely de-identified, decentralized and federated manner, without sacrificing the privacy expectations of patients or risking noncompliance with regulations,” emphasized Das. “Because organizations have complete control over how their information is used, medical advancements can happen quicker than ever before.”

As privacy regulations change, fluctuate, and increase, TripleBlind ensures that its solutions will continue to accommodate those changes. Armed with fine-grained control over the usage of privacy data, organizations can adapt to ever-changing regulations with condition encoding.

“The Privacy Suite Digital Rights Management tools enable Privacy Suite customers to encode arbitrary conditions on the usage of the data that are then enforced mathematically. These Digital Rights Management tools allow new regulations or arbitrary business agreements between companies to be encoded on the software easily,” explained Das.

Ultimately, the release of TripleBlind’s latest de-identification solutions drive ethical and legal data usage, further propelling innovations in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Delivered through user-friendly APIs and easy-to-use tools, the additions to TripleBlind’s Privacy Suite also guarantee accessibility and accelerated adoption for a range of users.

To learn more about TripleBlind’s Privacy Suite, please visit https://tripleblind.com/.

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