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MeteorAI by Caylent accelerates quality GenAI app development for AWS customers

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Caylent, a leading cloud services company helping businesses build competitive IP, is unveiling MeteroAI by Caylent, a proprietary generative AI (GenAI) framework underpinned by Caylent’s platform, process, and practice expertise in developing GenAI apps. Built on AWS, MeteorAI merges the power of both Caylent and the AWS ecosystem to ensure that enterprises building GenAI apps do so with powerful data and an expedited experimentation cycle.

MeteorAI is a turnkey development process and framework engineered with a company’s data to seamlessly underpin a wide variety of GenAI use cases. While the advent of GenAI continues to pressure enterprises to innovate at a rapid pace, Caylent aims to resolve the abundant challenges associated with GenAI app development—such as privacy concerns, complex integrations, generic models, rigid frameworks, and poor data quality.

"As organizations are eager to operationalize the promise of generative AI and translate its potential into real business value, Caylent's MeteorAI stands as a testament to what's achievable in generative AI application development," said Valerie Henderson, president and chief revenue officer, Caylent. "By integrating the strengths of the AWS ecosystem into our innovative approach to AI, Caylent offers organizations the ability to transition from conception to completion at an unprecedented pace.”

MeteorAI’s framework features models and prompts that are uniquely tuned to an organization's specific business needs and data. Data integrations are secure and continuously ingest, transform, process, and act on data in real time, according to Caylent.

Additionally, MeteorAI enhances the often lengthy process of developing custom GenAI apps by providing:

  • Expedited time-to-value with battle-proven prompt template for common use cases
  • An extensible and modular backend
  • Pre-configured monitoring
  • A library of pre-configured third-party data sources and integrations
  • Deep integration with popular authentication and privacy solutions
  • Proactive, intelligent actions for automating various procedural tasks.

“MeteorAI supports numerous use cases, including the development of AI assistants, enterprise knowledge bases, forecasting, recommendation engines, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, and data generation, among many others. Caylent uses MeteorAI internally to power our operations and it has dramatically improved our efficiency. We are so excited to bring this power to our customers and turn their IT into IP that will power the next era of their business growth,” Henderson continued.

Once MeteorAI is deployed in an enterprise’s own AWS account, it continually improves with a feedback and alignment mechanism for enhancing the quality of future app iterations. MeteorAI requires no monthly subscription fees, offers an intuitive experience, enterprise-grade security, API-first design, an extensible GenAI operating system, and multimodal and multi-model functions.

"Given the role BrainBox AI plays in the critical pursuit of lowering carbon emissions from the built environment globally, remaining at the forefront of innovation is imperative," said Jean-Simon Venne, CTO and co-founder of BrainBox AI. "By working with Caylent and leveraging their MeteorAI framework, we've been able to significantly accelerate our generative AI initiatives. In the building sector where data is often difficult to access and regularly discarded, we are leveraging this valuable information via generative AI to provide a proactive co-pilot for building managers and operators that is able to make recommendations and take action."

To learn more about MeteorAI by Caylent, please visit https://caylent.com/.

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