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ClearDATA continues to offer healthcare orgs comprehensive, secure, and configurable cloud data management

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ClearDATA, the provider of cloud security and compliance software and services purpose-built for healthcare, is unveiling a SaaS iteration of its healthcare-native cloud security posture management (CSPM) solution, the CyberHealth Platform. Additionally, ClearDATA is enhancing its portfolio with service and support options that focus on accommodating customers’ unique cloud maturities, compliance requirements, and security expertise.

While it’s well-known that data continues to grow at astonishing rates for any modern enterprise, some industries require extreme care and handling when it comes to their data—namely, healthcare.

The growth of data, coupled with the migration to the cloud to increase the efficiency of that data, leaves healthcare with a complex need to both optimize and secure its highly sensitive and confidential protected health information (PHI).

ClearDATA’s CyberHealth Platform is a comprehensive, intelligent, and secure solution engineered to address the nuanced needs of the healthcare industry. Now available as SaaS, organizations interested in the platform—regardless of where they are in their own cloud maturity and security environments—will be able to leverage the security advantages that CyberHealth offers.

Jim Ducharme, chief technology officer at ClearDATA, offered an insightful analogy to describe the utility of CyberHealth as SaaS: “You're [ClearDATA] a great barbecue restaurant. What if I want to make ribs at home? Will you sell me a jar of the barbecue sauce [the CyberHealth Platform as SaaS]?”

“[We realized that] the capabilities that we develop naturally … are great as a standalone SaaS offering for those folks that have their own compliance and security and operations teams, [but] need to be enabled and empowered to provide those insights and recipes for security compliance for healthcare and patient data in the cloud,” he continued.

ClearDATA’s CSPM solution directly addresses the core values of the healthcare industry, according to Ducharme.

“It's not just some generic sort of lexicon of cybersecurity, we actually tailor it specifically to the needs of our healthcare customers,” said Ducharme. “[And] that's based upon the decades long experience of [ClearDATA’s] understanding of the journeys that healthcare customers run on.”

The CyberHealth Platform offers the following capabilities:

  • PHI identification and containment for securing PHI in its designated location and identifying when it’s in a location it doesn’t belong
  • Hundreds of safeguards, evaluated on a continuous basis, to ensure continuous compliance
  • Compliance evaluations that identify unknown or increased risk across an organization’s cloud
  • Prescriptive guidance and automated remediation, decreasing attack surface exposure
  • Visualizations for risk assessment
  • DevOps integration for easing developer workloads when remediating security risks
  • Compliance enforcement for automated execution of configurations or patches
  • Audit-ready report generation for regulatory audits and compliance monitoring

“It's not just about finding issues, our goal is really making sure that we can get you secure and compliant as quickly as possible and as automated as possible,” said Ducharme.

The CyberHealth Platform ensures adherence to a variety of regulatory frameworks, such as HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, SOC 2, and ISO27001. CyberHealth supports all three major public clouds, including AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365, and GCP, offering support for multi-cloud environments, as well.

In addition to its plethora of in-depth safeguards and security measures, ClearDATA is now offering services and support that address its customers’ unique position in their cloud security journeys. Whether it’s an organization new to the cybersecurity realm or one with capable security teams already in place, ClearDATA provides augmented services that address its customers’ individual maturity levels.

“We're offering the barbecue sauce,” said Ducharme. “So, for the hundreds of customers that rely upon us every day to keep their cloud secure and compliant, ClearDATA is a vendor that can meet them where they are in their cloud journey. Whether they need just the tooling, a little bit of help, or a lot of help, we can help along any of those in that spectrum.”

To learn more about ClearDATA’s CyberHealth CSPM, please visit https://www.cleardata.com/.

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