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Cohesity Gaia harnesses conversational search with security and compliance at the forefront

Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, is unveiling Cohesity Gaia, an AI-powered conversational search solution that pairs retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI with large language models (LLMs) and enterprise backup data. When used in conjunction with the Cohesity Data Cloud—Cohesity’s cloud data management platform—Cohesity Gaia extracts knowledge from and increases the value of high quantities of enterprise data while adhering to security and compliance standards.

Cohesity Gaia delivers conversational RAG AI search experiences by integrating AI into a customer’s backup environment—whether in the cloud or in hybrid configuration—empowering enterprises to take control of their data and knowledge for better business outcomes. By infusing AI functionality into backup environments, organizations can bypass creating copies of data for LLM implementation, therefore reducing threat footprints, avoiding stale data, and mitigating resource drainage.

“Enterprises are excited to harness the power of generative AI but have faced several challenges gaining insights into secondary data, including backup, archived, and vaulted data, because every approach requires re-hydrating the data and painfully waiting weeks for the data to be available for analytics and insights. Cohesity Gaia dramatically simplifies this process with our patent-pending approach using retrieval augmented generation,” said Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president of Cohesity.

“With Cohesity Gaia, for the first time in our industry, companies will be able to leverage generative AI to query their data in a virtually seamless way. Our approach delivers rapid, insightful results without the drawbacks of more manual and risky approaches. In short, it turns data into knowledge within seconds and minutes,” Poonen continued.

Cohesity’s AI-powered assistant solution enables enterprises to bring GenAI safely and securely into their infrastructures, delivering data with context on demand. All of Cohesity’s fully indexed backup data—which includes all files, across all workloads, at all points in time—is immediately available for reading without the need for backup reconstruction within Cohesity Gaia. This real-time access to data allows organizations to receive rapid conversational search and responses, all while employing robust, granular role-based access control (RBAC) and zero-trust security principles.

“Gaia enables enterprises to start a new relationship with their data…[which] is going to fundamentally change the way that they're going to be able to interact and gain insights with their own natural language,” said Gregory Statton, office of the CTO, data and AI at Cohesity. “The barrier of entry to gaining insights is being dropped significantly. I can interact with my own language, my own vernacular…and I'm going to get answers using my enterprise’s authoritative data sources.”

Cohesity Gaia can offer a wide variety of utility across various use cases, including:

  • Assessment of an enterprise’s cyber resilience
  • Rapid financial and compliance audit checks
  • Answers for complex legal queries
  • Acting as a knowledge base for new employees

A common concern for many organizations as they look to implement GenAI and LLMs is hallucinations, where the AI pulls information that sounds plausible but is actually inaccurate. With RAG, Cohesity Gaia combats this phenomenon by bounding the AI to an enterprise’s knowledge instead of letting it lean on its trained data. This means, hallucinations are mitigated by guidelines dictated by both a client’s knowledgebase and Cohesity’s determination of an accurate, clear, and concise response.

At the core of Cohesity Gaia and other Cohesity offerings is the concept of responsible AI, adhering to principles that empower transparency, governance, and immutable and resilient access.

“Cohesity is the first data security and management vendor to bring the power of AI search to enterprises with the Cohesity Gaia AI search assistant. Gaia leverages generative AI with the latest RAG enhancements to enable conversational search across secondary protected data,” said Russ Fellows, vice president of The Futurum Group Labs. “Gaia enables companies to quickly leverage their existing stored data with the power of generative AI, while preserving data security and compliance. With Cohesity Gaia, customers can quickly turn data into insights, without the complexity of creating an AI application themself, or worrying about their data privacy and security.”

Cohesity Gaia will be generally available on March 15. To learn more, please visit https://www.cohesity.com/.

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