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Tabnine ushers in new support for Cohere’s Command R model, enhancing GenAI development

Tabnine, the originators of the AI code assistant category, is announcing an integration with Cohere, the enterprise-focused AI platform, making Cohere’s Command R model available as a large language model (LLM) within Tabnine’s AI-enabled software development tools. This collaborative support will continue to enhance developers’ engineering velocity, code quality, and overall workflow ease as they implement generative AI (GenAI) across the enterprise.

Tabnine’s AI platform spans a variety of purposes—from code generation to code refactoring, automatic document and test creation, autonomous bug fixes, and more—that propel GenAI journeys for software developers. According to the company, its product offering, as well as its deep expertise in LLMs as the originator of the AI code assistant category, positions Tabnine as the provider that will propel AI-enabled software development in the enterprise.

Tabnine enables its users to switch the model supporting Tabnine Chat in real time—now adding Command R to Tabnine’s roster of model selections. Tabnine’s uniquely engineered AI agents—which leverage a combination of dynamic prompts and rich context—paired with the performance of the underlying model—such as Command R—empower enterprise teams to get the most value out of their LLMs.

Cohere’s Command R model is available as an API directly from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI, offering the ability for customers to host and manage Command R models on dedicated clusters exclusive to the customer.

“This integration with Cohere LLMs running on OCI Generative AI delivers another private, secure option for generative AI capabilities and underscores Tabnine’s commitment to integrating state-of-the-art models with Tabnine so that our customers get the best tools to deliver better code, faster,” said Peter Guagenti, president of Tabnine.“As a trusted resource for millions of developers and thousands of organizations, we’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy, security, and performance, and the Cohere Command R model on the OCI Generative AI is a welcomed addition.”

Command R is engineered for large scale production workloads, delivering high efficiency, strong accuracy, low latency, and high throughput. Hosted on OCI Generative AI, Tabnine sends data to the service for computing responses to user prompts. OCI ensures that the data being transferred between integrated development environments (IDEs) and the API endpoint is encrypted both in transit and at rest, preventing potential attacks.

“We’re proud that Cohere’s highly secure enterprise-grade Command R model is helping power Tabnine’s AI code assistant to streamline software development,” said Rodrigue Hajjar, VP of engineering at Cohere. “Command R is fast, efficient, and optimized for long context tasks offering best-in-class integration for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications. Our technology will enable Tabnine’s developers to access a contextually relevant AI assistant enhancing productivity and efficiency.”

“OCI helps ensure that enterprise applications—including AI and data-driven, resource intensive apps—run in a way that makes business sense, at scale,” said Vinod Mamtani, vice president, generative AI services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “We’re excited to see Tabnine Chat in action with OCI Generative AI, providing private, protected, and fast time to value for any organization looking to innovate.”

To learn more about Tabnine and Cohere’s Command R model, please visit https://www.tabnine.com/ or https://cohere.com/.

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