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CAST releases automated code inefficiency detection for sustainability efforts

CAST, the software intelligence company, is launching Green Software Insights, a technology now available within the company’s CAST Highlight product that automatically uncovers “green deficiencies” within application source code, enabling organizations to quantify their green impact in software energy consumption.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly critical optic with which any enterprise must contend; according to the Q1 2022 Green Software Foundation report, data center greenhouse emissions are on par with the entire airline industry—a staggering datapoint that inspires a necessary call-to-action for organizations everywhere.

Luckily, as much as 85% of carbon emissions produced by software applications can be impacted by design and development, according to Accenture’s “The green behind the cloud” report. CAST’s Green Software Insights marks the beginning of software intelligence built to optimize sustainability, enabling enterprises to radically reduce their carbon footprints during a time most vital.

Green Software Insights identifies where and how software source code can be modified to enhance sustainability by plugging directly into source code repositories and analyzing applications in mere minutes, according to the vendor. Software code patterns reveal sustainability inefficiencies that can be optimized, resulting in lower energy expenditure and greenhouse gas emission on behalf of the company.

“For the first time, organizations can clearly measure the sustainability of custom-built applications, understand exactly how to modify them to reduce emissions, and continually demonstrate their environmental impact reduction,” said Vincent Delaroche, CEO and founder of CAST. “Users are able to rapidly analyze portfolios of hundreds or thousands of applications to automatically prioritize key enhancement candidates with specific recommendations provided by CAST Highlight.”

To further the efforts of sustainability, CAST is donating 10% of revenue generated from Green Software Insights to non-profit organizations driving sustainability research and addressing human-caused global warming.

To learn more about Green Software Insights, please visit https://www.castsoftware.com/.

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