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Amplitude continues to empower great digital experiences with Session Replay

Amplitude, Inc., the digital analytics platform provider that helps companies unlock the power of their products, is announcing a series of improvements that empowers enterprises to develop a greater understanding of customer behavior and engagement for positive business outcomes. The three new capabilities—Session Replay, Experiment for web, and Visual tag editor—promotes more attractive, engaging user experiences through intuitive, robust, and automated features.

Amplitude recognizes that the digital products and websites that an organization delivers are critical in driving customer engagement and retainment. By analyzing customer behavior with Amplitude’s Digital Analytics Platform, companies can further put those insights into action to build the greatest digital experiences for their end users, according to the company.

Session Replay uniquely combines qualitative and quantitative data to shed light on the “why” of user behavior, according to Amplitude. Offering visualizations of the user journey that leverage Amplitude Analytics’ comprehensive user data, Session Reply enables enterprises to easily detect and fix issues, improve conversion, and upgrade their digital experiences.

According to Katie Barnett, principal product manager at Amplitude, there was “an opportunity for us to connect the quantitative insights that we're already getting in Amplitude today… [with the] qualitative insights that you get with a tool like Session Replay—…[which] gives you this visual reconstruction of your customers' engagement with your product or on your site.”

The Session Replay capability analyzes both the macro and micro views of individual user activity. An enterprise can examine a pattern of user experience—such as one that is impacting conversion rate—and trace its story, or highlight a unique, unexpected user journey and reveal its implications.

Amplitude’s dive into the Session Replay market not only represents its dedication to the ongoing evolution of delivering great digital experiences, but also enables the platform to provide a comprehensive experience that marries a variety of functions into a centralized location.

This “resonated tremendously with current customers who are very excited about this ability to have a holistic view of their customer journey—a single place using one tool, so they don't have to join between two,” added Barnett.

In addition to Session Replay, Experiment for web offers new experimentation capabilities for crafting the most optimized website or campaign for businesses. Users can now test multiple landing pages with ease, amplified by Amplitude Analytics to give teams a robust understanding of what impacts consumer behavior and drives overall growth.

Visual tag editor provides companies with a jumpstart to data collection and instrumentation, automating these processes to enable intuitive tracking of website or app activity.

Visual tag editor “will make that first step of the data collection a bit speedier, where it will allow someone in a more visual way identify the things that they want to track in their product or on their site, and then allow that as a way to start easily collecting data and then advance them to the more defined instrumentation process that we've historically had,” explained Barnett.

Amplitude’s launch of new features continues to empower organizations with the tools they need to improve their digital touchpoints—all from one platform.

“Understanding customer behavior is the key to building successful products and enabling businesses to thrive," said Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer at Amplitude. "With a single platform that is easy to use and easy to scale, every company can deliver better customer experiences that drive growth.”

To learn more about Amplitude’s latest offerings, please visit https://amplitude.com/.

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