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The evolution of the omnichannel experience

In the past, omnichannel capabilities were the means of engaging consumers with brands via the digital channel of theirchoice, while still maintaining a consistent experience across those mediums. They've become much more.

ECM evolves to support business goals

Even with the prevalence of ECM systems, many people still rely on personal, folder-based filing systems. This makes collaboration difficult because information is not accessible to others.

Why KM needs sponsors, experts, and advocates in the business

APQC's analysis shows that formal KM business roles are ultimately more effective at boosting KM participation and helping KM to achieve its goals.

OBSERVATIONS ON KM: Past, Present, and Future

Pairing human knowledge with technologies that allow for data extraction, information analysis, and knowledge insights is the future of KM.

The expanding ease and utility of text analytics and natural language processing

The greater utility of text analytics, whether or not that's preceded by speech-to-text conversions, is the capacity to analyze the reams of unstructured text in the form of documents, conversational transcriptions, social media streams, and more.

New tools provide deep insights from customer feedback

The text analytics market in 2021 was approximately $6 billion, and it is expected to grow about 18% per year, reaching $17 billion by 2027, according to the iMARC Group, a market research firm.

KMS Lighthouse Executive Vision

Knowledge management is supporting major organizations in their re-organizations which have become more urgent given the economic climate.

SearchBlox Executive Vision

As accuracy continues to increase, Generative AI represents more than a KM strategy, it is directly related to solving real business problems.

2022 Readers' Choice Award - Best Customer Experience and Support: eGain

Beyond technology, eGain offers domain expertise, risk-free adoption options, a sustained client engagement model, implementation, support, education, and managed services, and ecosystem to succeed with modern KM.

2022 Readers' Choice Award - Best Content Management / Services: Northern Light

Thanks to Northern Light's unique partnerships with research publishers, users of our SinglePointTM portals can easily access and analyze all their relevant licensed content, along with their organization's internally generated content, in a single search. The result: farewell, content silos!

2022 Readers' Choice Award - Best Text Analytics and NLP: Verint

Together with Verint Speech Analytics, Verint's Next Generation Interaction Analytics provides a powerful unified voice and text solution for alerting and acting on topics, categories, sentiment, and other critical insights across channels.

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2022 Winners

In this issue, KMWorld magazine announces the winners of the 2022 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards. The categories for competition were wide-ranging. In all, there were 13 areas in which products and technologies could be nominated and ultimately voted upon. They include business process management, cognitive computing and AI, customer service and support, e-discovery, knowledge graphs, text analytics, and NLP.

The importance of information governance and privacy

With each passage of a new regulation or legislation related to consumer rights and data privacy, the influence of data governance over the data sphere becomes amplified. However, this development will never negate the merit of utilizing data for personalized customer interactions that yield short-term and long-term benefits.

BPM: The value of process mining

As usage of BPM grew and multiple processes were added, many enterprises were no longer able to track their diverse set of processes. The complexity of enterprise applications, some new and some legacy, made it difficult to do so, as did the lack of process documentation. Visibility into processes was limited, especially for the ones that cut across different enterprise systems. Process mining emerged as a new class of enterprise software.

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2022

To help showcase advanced products and services, each year KMWorld magazine looks for innovative offerings that are helping organizations derive greater benefit from their information, share knowledge more efficiently, make better decisions, improve compliance and security, effectively support employees, and communicate more seamlessly with customers.

Free Your Legacy Files—with Access Unify | Secure Compliance

Access Unify | Secure Compliance is an industry-leading, end-to-end Electronic Records Management solution. It can quickly and securely extract and migrate legacy files to your modern IT infrastructure, enabling you to retire costly legacy systems and provide your staff with access to the right content at the right time.

eGain - Eliminating content, knowhow, and analytics silos, creating one trusted source for knowledge

An end-to-end solution for knowledge management that unifies and orchestrates all the building blocks needed for modern KM, the Hub's centralized approach eliminates content, knowhow, and analytics silos, creating one trusted source for knowledge.

Franz - Knowledge Graphs and AI for your Data Lakehouse

By overlaying a Knowledge Graph onto a Lakehouse architecture the combination facilitates more flexible data operations, lowers data integration costs, and delivers powerful insights only possible when data is connected.

Mindbreeze InSpire Illuminates and Connects All Information in your Organization

Mindbreeze InSpire paves the way for companies to analyze their data (both structured and unstructured) efficiently and capitalize fully on the information buried within it.

Quark: Modernize Your Enterprise Content Ecosystem

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen provides closed-loop content lifecycle management by automating content creation, collaboration, assembly, omnichannel publishing and analysis. The software platform unifies content creation, automation and intelligence capabilities that are modular, metadata-driven and compliance-controlled.