Healthcare: Managing the information flow from wearables and remote monitoring devices

With broader use of wearables, routine monitoring of even asymptomatic high-risk groups such as the elderly may become the norm, allowing earlier intervention and improved outcomes.

Next-generation natural language technologies: The deep learning agenda

The capacity for machines to understand human language, courtesy of natural language technologies fortified by deep learning, results in limitless enterprise value across use cases and industries. Whether those involve the creation of content, querying it, or acting on it, this combination is the means of making IT infinitely more accessible—and useful—than it's ever been.

The best cloud KM combines cutting-edge technology with smart oversight

Cloud-based KM requires a careful balance of innovation and restraint. The best results ensue when companies combine aggressive adoption of advanced technology with strong central oversight, traditional taxonomy, and flexible implementation to accommodate different parts of the business.

The expanding world of knowledge management

As one of the most mature of the technologies that supports knowledge management, search solutions have changed so much from the days of keyword searching that they are now often referred to as "insight engines."

Brokering Knowledge Isn’t Enough (Video)

Deloitte chief knowledge officer explains why and how the role of knowledge managers has expanded beyond the traditional function of knowledge brokerage in this clip from his presentation at KMWorld 2019.

Barriers to Effective Knowledge Sharing (Video)

World Bank Director, KM, Margot Brown discusses four common organizational culture challenges to knowledge sharing and how World Bank has addressed them in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2019.

Adding Cognitive Features to KM Part 2 (Video)

Nalco Champion's Dynisha Klugh and TechnipFMC's Kim Glover discuss how and why predictive search autosuggest, chatbots, and other cogntitive features are useful in KM in part 2 of this clip from KMWorld 2019.

Adding Cognitive Features to KM Part 1 (Video)

Nalco Champion's Dynisha Klugh and TechnipFMC's Kim Glover discuss how and why voice recognition, natural-language processing, and multi-language are useful to KM in part 1 of this clip from KMWorld 2019.

Best Practices for KM Metrics (Video)

Daniel Lee, ARC Business Solutions director, enterprise information solutions, offers recommendations for an effective metrics model for KM programs in this clip from his presentation at KMWorld 2019.

10 Facets of KM (Video)

Kim Glover, TechnipFMP director, knowledge management, discusses Dr. Denise Bedford's "10 Facets of KM," and how to bring KM into the future in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2019.

4 Guiding Principles of Knowledge Governance (Video)

Land Title & Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) policy manager Lisa Poeckert discusses the principles the LTSA applied in building its data governance model in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2019.

3 Key Themes for KM in 2020 and Beyond (Video)

Kim Glover, TechnipFMC director, knowledge management, discusses the importance of embracing technology, being flexible in KM, and acknowledging the human factor in KM in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2019.

Will AI Surpass Past Technologies in Displacing Human Work? (Video)

Microsoft Modern Workplace Supportability Engineer Ross Smith compares the potential impact of AI to replace human work to earlier landmark technologies in this clip from the opening keynote at KMWorld 2019.

Why Taxonomy Rules Matter (Video)

Jason Hein, Earley Information Science director, delivery services, outlines taxonomy basics and the value of metadata and accurate definitions in this clip from his presentation at KMWorld 2019.

Preparing ECM platforms for the future - KMW Webcasts KMWorld Live

Modern content requires support for digital form factors, the bridging of information silos, the ability to deliver insight and intelligence, the support of new content types, governance and security, cloud adoption acceleration, the ability to operate at extreme scale, and an easy way to build new apps.

Using knowledge graphs and search - KMW Webcasts KMWorld Live

Semantic knowledge graphs can help connect users and employees to the most relevant information they need to make better and faster decisions in the real world.

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2020

In selecting organizations for the list each year, we look for companies that are innovative in advancing their products and capabilities to meet changing customer requirements—whether they are using the newest technologies available or continuing with proven, tried-and-true approaches.

BI and ANALYTICS sustain smart city initiatives

Despite the challenges, cities of all sizes have succeeded in setting up smart city programs, although most consist of one or more point solutions rather than a full ecosystem.

THE SMART MONEY: Decoupling financial services for cross-departmental big data integration

Monetizing data while complying with regulations in finance is increasingly dependent on the ability to decouple the enterprise—across departments, business lines, and individual services.

The critical role of enterprise content management in digital transformation

The ability to personalize is an indicator that an organization is managing its content well enough to deliver what each individual needs.