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Verity ES launch powers data eradication for enterprise data protection and privacy

Verity ES, the namesake of Revert Inc.’s sister company providing enterprise-class data eradication software solutions for data centers, ITADs, and TMP providers, is announcing its launch and the commercial availability of its eradication solution. Verity ES’ intelligent software uses operational support and process analytics to permanently remove data from the industry’s laundry list of heterogeneous devices, enforcing data privacy and protection amidst overwhelming data generation.

It’s well-known that data is an unrelenting, growing force for modern enterprises to reckon with, and end-of-life data elimination attempts to manage it. As strict regulations and guidelines for data handling become more stringent, having to eradicate data composed of highly sensitive or private information is increasingly critical to avoid obscene fines. With Verity ES’ solution, enterprises are positioned to conserve cost and resources in data eradication efforts while efficiently cleaning up their data footprint, according to the company.

“The Verity ES certified, patent-pending enterprise software provides industry-leading data eradication security, economics, and operational support, enabling organizations to permanently eliminate sensitive and private data extremely quickly, easily, and across the widest range of devices and storage media,” said Saeed Karim, CEO of Revert Inc. and Verity ES. “Our experience working with customers around the world over the past 15 years illuminated an unmet need in the market for a comprehensive data eradication solution that delivers process optimization and support, improved throughput and ease of use, and advanced data analytics and diagnostics to increase efficiency. Verity ES meets these requirements and more, allowing our customers to ensure eradication success, accelerate technology refreshes, and maximize the residual value return of their assets—all with ease and minimal administrative effort.”

Verity ES merges ease of use with streamlined eradication processing to alleviate the pains and pressures of data privacy efforts. With the solution’s simplified “three-clicks of the mouse” interface, users can enable parallel data eradication processing of over 500 devices from a sole appliance without any impacts to performance—providing an advantage of 150% compared to competitors’ solutions, according to the company.

The solution utilizes fast, automated eradication assessments on each device and media type, ultimately cutting down on operational oversight and manual decision-making. Verity ES spans the industry’s broadest range of devices and storage media, from HDDs, SSDs, to NVMe SSDs, all while increasing data eradication success rates and yields. With these increased eradication and sanitization speed and success rates, users will be able to leverage the enhanced residual value of their assets. Data analytics for monitoring operational performance, in conjunction with proactive support and assistance, provides real-time overviews of eradication processes and streamlines its performance. Verity ES’ solution is entirely economical; data eradication, as opposed to data destruction (i.e., device shredding/degaussing), allows devices to be recycled and reused in the purpose an organization sees fit.

“The software has unique intelligence built into it that nobody on the market has right now,” said Glenn Jacobsen, president and COO of Revert, Inc. “It communicates to a specific cardinal, it evaluates all of the options associated that can be run to then eradicate the data from that drive. Our software will evaluate what the fastest method is to run in order to meet the eradication standards that the customer needs.”

For more information about Verity ES and its latest solution, please visit https://www.verityes.com/.

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