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Twilio launches expansive set of AI tools, inviting hyper-personalized customer experiences

Twilio, the customer engagement platform company, is announcing a new range of CustomerAI capabilities designed to unlock the power of AI in the realm of customer maintenance, as well as in the space of AI-readiness. Introducing a variety of predictive and generative AI tools, Twilio’s latest CustomerAI and AI-readiness solutions propel greater customer understanding and data-driven, personalized interactions at every touchpoint, according to the company.

"The tectonic shift in technology that we’ve seen this past year rivals the scale and magnitude of the invention of the Internet. AI has truly captured the hearts and minds of builders across the globe,” said Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio. “I believe the real value unlock for AI will be pairing large language models with first party data sets—which is where Twilio is most differentiated. With CustomerAI, artificial intelligence becomes customer-aware, empowering businesses to drive data-driven personal interactions at every touchpoint.”

Among these customer-aware innovations is CustomerAI Predictions and Voice Intelligence, two unique AI tools that merge insights and AI to generate customer-centric experiences.

CustomerAI Predictions injects AI-based intelligence into the workflows of marketers, enhancing the efficiency and quality of marketing experiences without involving technical teams.

“For marketing teams, CustomerAI Predictions will eliminate the bottleneck of having to rely on data science teams for real-time customer data,” said Kathryn Murphy, SVP of product management at Twilio. “The solution will overall help businesses anticipate and act on the future behavior of customers and empower them to build more personalized customer experiences.”

CustomerAI Predictions enables marketers to produce hyper-targeted audience experiences out-of-the-box, trigger customer journeys, and personalize multichannel experiences based on several customer data points—including lifetime value (LTV), likelihood to churn, and other events trackable within Segment. These predictive insights save time for marketers, enhance campaign effectiveness, surface new revenue opportunities, and improve ROI, according to the company.

Targeting the ever-overwhelmed area of customer service, Voice Intelligence leverages a natural language understanding (NLU) transcription and language operator tool that extracts insights via conversational speech recognition. The solution is equipped to report on a myriad of trends, including common feedback, competitive insights, and compliance risks. Voice Intelligence, paired with Twilio Flex, can further enhance the management of regulatory requirements, offering automated personally identifiable information (PII) redaction.

Regarding the security of Voice Intelligence’s treatment of data, “Voice Intelligence is intended to facilitate the flow of accurate real-time data…the AI-powered interactions are built with full transparency, and companies will have complete control of the data that informs the interactions,” said Murphy.

Twilio’s announcement also highlights its launch of several generative AI tools designed to aid in operationalizing customer data within Twilio Engage, Flex, and Segment. These innovative generative AI solutions include:

  • CustomerAI Generative Email Design for Twilio Engage, which enables marketers to input simple text prompts that transform ideas into HTML in seconds.
  • CustomerAI Generative Journeys, an automated customer journey generation tool for Twilio Engage that offers marketers the ability to simply describe various campaign attributes, from which the generative AI tool will automatically build the customer journey (coming soon).
  • CustomerAI Agent Assist for Twilio Flex, a contact center agent tool that tailors “next best actions” for customer interactions.
  • Flex Unify for Segment, which surfaces Segment's customer profile data to agents in real time (coming soon).

Each of the generative AI tools from Twilio will be integrated with a variety of guardrail features that enable marketers and support agents to closely oversee and provide feedback on any workflows that are being enhanced by generative AI, according to Murphy. Twilio is also working with various industry leaders in the AI space—including AWS, Google, and OpenAI—to ensure that it meets privacy and data protection standards in all its AI tools.

Twilio is also unveiling Segment B2B Edition with Linked Profiles, a data graph tool that allows enterprises to visualize and understand relationships across all their customer data. Linked Profiles further enhance these graph relationships, enabling businesses to link customer events, experiences, and profiles. Ultimately, this solution’s graph-based insights enable companies to train AI models, build advanced segmentation, and drive personalized recommendations and activations across channels with ease.

In accordance with Twilio’s expansive leap into AI, the company is also debuting Zero Copy Architecture to help ensure that enterprise data infrastructures are AI-ready.

According to the company, this wide breadth of AI and AI-supporting innovations serve to make AI more accessible to any enterprise, unlocking the power of AI for customer-centric and data-driven processes.

“It's not about building out specific generative AI features. We’re focused on bringing together predictive and generative AI, customer data and communications to enable our customers to deliver on the promise of personalized engagement across the customer journey,” concluded Murphy.

To learn more about Twilio’s latest releases, please visit https://www.twilio.com/en-us

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