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NICE introduces new analytics and machine learning capabilities to NEVA Discovery

NICE, the AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX software company, is announcing new robotic process automation (RPA) functions for NEVA Discover, NICE’s AI-powered discovery tool. NEVA Discover, which generates actionable insights for enterprises utilizing advanced AI, is receiving new process analytics and semi-supervised machine learning to boost business outcome optimization and overall effectiveness.

NEVA Discover will now be able to identify critical areas in need of process optimization and employee training/guidance, as well as produce business metrics and group comparisons to better visualize employee productivity and efficiency. Intelligent dashboards provide insights regarding gaps in employee support or task execution and are paired with recommendations for improvement through attended or unattended automation.

Aside from NEVA Discover’s new process analytics, the semi-supervised machine learning brings more control to business analysts seeking to manually intervene within the tool’s discoveries and make other suggestions.

“NEVA Discover’s new capabilities demonstrate the power of AI in delivering actionable automation opportunities to empower employees and ultimately help brands master CXi (customer experience interactions),” said Barry Cooper, president of CX Division at NICE. “Process optimization with NEVA Discover is not a one-time event. It is a cycle of continuous improvement, with ongoing measurement of the impact of each change, to create exponential value.”

For more information about NEVA Discover’s new capabilities, please visit https://www.nice.com/.

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