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Cybersyn launches Snowflake native apps that supercharge visibility in financial, economic, and eCommerce industries

Cybersyn, the Data-as-a-Service company, is debuting two new Snowflake native apps—the Financial and Economic Essentials App and the eCommerce Benchmarks App—exclusively available on the Snowflake Marketplace. Supported by Cybersyn’s proprietary economic datasets for corporations, investors, and governments, these apps propel data-driven decision-making and visibility into market trends.

“We're excited to be working with Cybersyn to bring these types of business data directly to users in simpler ways,” said Chris Child, senior director of product management at Snowflake. “With the introduction of its Snowflake Native Apps, Cybersyn is mobilizing its datasets so that customers can more quickly unlock valuable business insights in the Data Cloud.”

The eCommerce Benchmarks App is designed to centralize eCommerce data—including sales, website engagement, and advertising metrics—to better inform demand forecasting and enhance market and investment analysis. This ultimately improves decision-making, particularly as it relates to customer acquisition and direct-to-customer launch strategy development, according to the vendor.

While the first newly released Snowflake native app focuses on eCommerce, Cybersyn’s Financial and Economic Essentials App provides deep visibility into the current state of the U.S. financial industry. Tracking bank financials, locations, corporate structures, global central bank rates, consumer price index inflation, and more, the Financial and Economic Essentials App empowers up-to-date financial, economic, and market analyses—supported by data that is updated daily.

“We’re excited to join Snowflake in this new era of data collaboration,” said Alex Izydorczyk, CEO and founder of Cybersyn. “These Snowflake Native Apps will help ensure that we’re seamlessly delivering on our mission to put fast, granular data in the hands of key decision-makers in a modern form of distribution.”

This news was announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023.

To learn more about Cybersyn’s latest apps, please visit https://www.cybersyn.com/.

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