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AgencyBloc focuses efforts on insurance and Medicare markets with latest capabilities

AgencyBloc, the insurance benefits and senior market growth platform provider, is debuting expanded enterprise capabilities designed to increase sales for large insurance organizations while maintaining adherence to compliance demands. Prompted by AgencyBloc’s focus on  insurance and Medicare market growth, this expansion serves to accommodate these spaces’ unique needs. 

AgencyBloc’s expanded enterprise offering delivers additional functions that allow organizations to support more user roles while continuing to offer scale and efficiency. As a fully integrated toolset for enterprise benefits and Medicare organizations, these expanded capabilities include complex workflow automations, call center capabilities—including VoIP—and more. 

“Over the last several years, we have seen considerable growth in this space, particularly with the Medicare market, along with increasing regulatory burdens. With that growth, there has been firm consolidation and a greater need for enterprise-level solutions,” said Cory Schmidt, chief technology officer and co-founder at AgencyBloc. “Our solutions provide unique, scalable and efficient tools in a single solution platform optimized for the specific needs of the benefits and Medicare space.”

AgencyBloc’s solutions enable enterprises to drive efficiency, ultimately meeting the needs of their clients. The expanded enterprise capabilities only furthers AgencyBloc’s capacity to deliver on these fronts, as well as allows organizations of any size to scale up on a single platform, according to the vendor. 

“AgencyBloc has been a tremendous part of our growth,” said Cristin Hopkin-Bishop, chief operating officer at The Brokerage Inc, a client of AgencyBloc. “Since the partnership began we have seen a growth of 34% in sales and a 58% growth in distribution. That doesn’t cover the money we’ve saved with the ability to automate operations or client and prospect communications, or missing commissions from carriers.”

To learn more about AgencyBloc’s enterprise products and services, please visit https://www.agencybloc.com/

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