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$7.5M in Pre-Series A funding supercharges Aampe’s marketing AI

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Aampe, the AI-native user engagement platform, is announcing the recent achievement of a funding milestone, having accrued $7.5 million in a Pre-Series A funding round led by Matrix Partners India and Peak XV Partners (formerly Sequoia Capital India and SEA). This funding round brings Aampe’s total finances raised since its inception in 2020 to $9.3 million.

Ranging in industry applicability from gaming to eCommerce, Aampe enhances personalized marketing with agent-based AI that tracks and adapts to user-specific responses, clicks, and subsequent actions taken upon receiving a message. Through infusing AI into CRM systems, marketers can more efficiently and effectively communicate with their audience.

"AI dramatically alters how we build software, making the older 'rules engine' generation of software increasingly obsolete,” said Paul Meinshausen, co-founder and CEO of Aampe. “Marketers have been forced to define rigid paths for their users that ignore their individuality and diversity. Generic segmentation leads to frustration, reduced engagement, and slower growth. Aampe has created a way for CRM AI agents to iteratively learn user preferences and then adapt and respond to those preferences optimally, unlocking the benefits that better customer experience provides."

Aampe enables marketers to surface a variety of customer insights while automating content creation, experimental design, conversion tracking, and more. This not only boosts marketer productivity by eliminating manual tasks but also supercharges user engagement and conversion rates, according to Aampe.

“Customer engagement and marketing technology has been an early beneficiary of advances in AI and machine learning, and Aampe is a clear front runner in enabling organizations to adopt personalized and result-oriented communication to drive growth," said Aakash Kumar, managing director of Matrix Partners India. “We’re delighted to lead this round to support a team that is best placed to build the next generation of an AI-native customer engagement stack for businesses and keenly look forward to collaborating with them as they scale up.”

Funding for Aampe will be directed toward product development and growth strategies as the company continues to expand its reach.

According to customer benchmarks from Aampe, enterprises employing the technology have seen:

  • 30% increase in new user conversions
  • 4x increase in customer retention
  • Significant savings on SMS spending without reducing message performance

"As the world switches from growth at all costs to profitable growth with a solid unit economics profile, the way users are engaged and retained inside an application world has become more important than ever,” said Anandamoy Roychowdhary, partner-Surge at Peak XV Partners. “Aampe builds a fantastic product that has seen their customers significantly improve retention numbers. The users of these apps have much better outcomes as well. I’m excited for Aampe to take this great product to a lot more customers.”

To learn more about Aampe, please visit https://www.aampe.com/.

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