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Rossum enhances its online marketplace for creating agile, end-to-end IDP solutions

Rossum, the cloud-native Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) company, is unveiling its latest improvements to its online marketplace, a unified experience for accessing AI-enabled document process capabilities that doesn’t require support from software developers.

Though IDP initiatives often fail due to financial and time resource drains, Rossum’s marketplace offers ready-made extensions that only take a few clicks to deploy, according to the vendor. Extensions can also be combined for automating complex document workflows.

"These innovations not only automate document processing, but they also enable customers to collaborate more closely while unlocking the hidden value in their data through analysis," says Petr Baudis, founder and CTO of Rossum. "Customers can browse and access our latest IDP solutions in an à la carte fashion, extending what's currently possible in the IDP market."

The Rossum marketplace offers close document processing integration with existing customer relationship management, robotic process automation, and business process management applications. The marketplace is a streamlined site for building agile and customizable end-to-end IDP solutions, all while helping mitigate complexity and automate workflows, according to the vendor.

The announcement introduces dozens of new connectors and API integration options that ease document sorting and routing pains, automate business rules validation, and improve data extraction.

"At the heart of every workflow lies a document waiting to be digitized,” said Ondrej Beranek, executive director at Innovation Path. “We added our API capabilities to easily extend and scale the automation reach of vendors like UiPath. The Rossum marketplace is a collaborative community that is quickly becoming a one-stop destination for IDP solutions."

To learn more about the Rossum marketplace, please visit https://rossum.ai/.

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