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Apica’s Generative AI Assistant enriches data context and fills knowledge gaps

Apica, a leader in data management and active observability, is debuting a new generative AI (genAI) assistant for the Apica Ascent Platform, designed to enrich data context and fill knowledge gaps.

Following Apica’s acquisition of Logiq.ai in August, the launch of Generative AI Assistant for Apica Ascent merges genAI capabilities with data operations.

The Apica Ascent Platform—known for giving users limitless storage, unified data pipeline control, and comprehensive insights at the lowest cost on the market—now offers the ability to greatly increase productivity and reduce manual labor of data analysis processes with genAI. 

“We are thrilled to integrate generative AI into the Apica Ascent Platform and bring targeted capabilities that help reduce toil and improve productivity for our customers,” said Ranjan Parthasarathy, chief strategy officer (CSO) at Apica. “This marks a significant milestone in our mission to simplify data operations and give our customers much-needed relief over data growth, sprawl, complexity, and various challenges. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we empower organizations to take full advantage of their data and get the most out of the applications they most care about.”

The Generative AI Assistant accelerates insights while simultaneously providing greater context, applicable to a wide-ranging set of data types and formats. Additionally, the solution can be used for both SaaS and on-prem deployments, adding context to all ingested data. To address customers’ unique needs, users can utilize their own modeling data to tune derivative output of the assistant to meet specific business objectives.

Apica’s Generative AI Assistant integrates with OpenAI ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI. Furthermore, users can leverage popular models—including GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo or other custom models—on proprietary datasets.

To learn more about Apica’s Generative AI Assistant, please visit https://www.apica.io/.

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