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Sopheon announces latest Acclaim products to boost organized and optimized innovation

International provider of software and services for innovation management, Sopheon, is unveiling Acclaim, introducing three collaboration SaaS products that optimize innovation processes and management for a variety of teams—ranging from product, innovation, and project professionals to executive roles. Sopheon emphasizes the products’ abilities to create a collaborative environment, from front end innovation functions to its delivery, for optimized project control and quality.

“Innovation is indispensable to an organization’s long-term success,” said Greg Coticchia, CEO of Sopheon. “Technology advances and the global sustainability movement are adding to the pressures on today’s managers, who are constantly seeking ways to deliver better products and processes. The launch of the Acclaim offerings furthers Sopheon’s vision to help executives, team leaders, and individual contributors improve their productivity and actively engage in driving innovation forward. Sopheon is uniquely positioned to help companies achieve exceptional long-term growth and profitability through sustainable innovation.”

The three Acclaim products aim to alleviate the pressures facing innovation with organizations with a collaborative backdrop.

Acclaim Ideas, previously Solverboard, focuses on front-end innovation, addressing lack of organizational goal achievement through metrics and dashboards, workflow optimization, and strategic alignment. Enabling users to find, align, test, and drive innovation outcomes, Acclaim Ideas sets the foundation for successful ideation processes.

Acclaim Projects, previously ROI Blueprints and the “Swiss Army knife for getting projects done,” according to the vendor, is geared towards budget and time restricted projects. The solution supplies products with data-driven planning and tracking tools to meet deadlines and budgets, real-time diagnostic tools for project health monitoring, and integrated change management workflow for enhanced control over project management variables (i.e., schedules, costs, and resource usage).

Acclaim Products aids in informing product professionals with data relating to daily work, progress, and goals. The solution encourages data-driven decision making and streamlines product management through product health monitoring, release planning, workflow visualization, and stakeholder transparency.

These Acclaim solutions—Acclaim Ideas, Acclaim Projects, and Acclaim Products—have a free version offering, as well as a paid subscription tier for advanced services.

To learn more about Sopheon and their Acclaim product offerings, please visit https://www.sopheon.com/.

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