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SolarWinds launches new service management solution and enhances database observability

SolarWinds, the provider of simple, powerful, secure observability, and IT management software, is unveiling a series of new service management and database observability solutions that are engineered to forward positive business outcomes while maximizing the productivity of IT environments.

The first of the announced offerings, the SolarWinds Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution, targets disparate, siloed departments and tools in managing inbound requests and workflows.

The ESM solution centralizes service requests and issue management for a variety of departments—including HR, legal, marketing, facilities, and more—creating dedicated service management environments equipped with their own ticketing systems, knowledge bases, service portals, and request catalogs.

“This really gives users of ServiceDesk and IT users the ability to extend the platform to other departments and build out those processes for HR, corporate services, and legal, [so that they] really become more optimized in their business process,” said Jeff Stewart, field CTO at SolarWinds. “When we look at the world, [we are] always looking for ways to reduce the number of tools or optimize to really streamline things. And that's what ESM is going to solve for them.”

Furthermore, ESM is intentionally designed to be accessible to its users, even those outside the IT bubble. ESM features a no code, drag-and-drop interface that allows any department professional to leverage environment management tools.

“The solution is extremely easy to use and extremely easy to implement,” said Stewart. “And that's always been a focus for any SolarWinds product: Giving users the power to really operate and execute the solutions that we offer without the need of large consulting fees or years of setting up the system itself.”

In addition to the launch of SolarWinds ESM, the company is also debuting an upgraded iteration of SQL Sentry, the comprehensive database performance monitoring and DataOps solution.

Aimed toward remediating database performance issues within complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments, SQL Sentry allows database workers to identify, solve, and prevent issues more easily and effectively. In its latest update, SQL Sentry offers an enhanced web portal, query-level wait statistics, and an improved Environmental Health Overview (EHO), making database issues easier than ever to remediate and prevent, according to the company.

“We [will] continue to invest in the database portfolio…and [focus on] how we can help database professionals point out when it's not the database that's actually causing the issue, that maybe it’s the code in the application,” explained Stewart. “We [will] continue to strengthen the database portfolio to really get to that mean time to resolution and identification a whole lot faster, so they [database professionals] can focus on other problems that may exist within the environment.”

To learn more about SolarWinds’ latest releases, please visit https://www.solarwinds.com/.

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