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DeltaXML launches ConversionQA for enhanced converted document integrity

DeltaXML, an innovator in the world of document management and XML comparison, is launching ConversionQA, a document assurance solution that examines document content that has undergone conversion, driving confidence in documents’ adherence to its original source.

ConversionQA focuses its innovation on the world of document conversion, where conversions that negatively impact document integrity render the document content alien to its original source.

Organizations seeking document integrity assurance during conversion—whether it be from Word to DITA, xHTML, DocBook, and more—can leverage ConversionQA as a resource in ensuring document content is faithful to its source material.

DeltaXML emphasizes ConversionQA’s meticulousness and accuracy, producing detailed reports of surfaced disparities between the original and converted document versions. The solution automates both comparison and analysis, ultimately optimizing time and resources for organizations stretched too thin.

"Primarily designed to handle the ‘check that content conversion has been achieved without unforeseen content change’ scenario, ConversionQA allows comparison of content held in entirely different XML formats,” said Tristan Mitchell, product director at DeltaXML. “The product represents a significant step forward in the realm of document conversion. We are proud to provide a solution that can revolutionize how businesses and individuals approach this critical process. With ConversionQA, you can trust that your converted documents faithfully reflect their original sources.”

ConversionQA supports a variety of diverse document types and industries, further offering seamless integration with existing systems.

To learn more about ConversionQA, please visit https://www.deltaxml.com/.

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