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AnswerRocket’s Skill Studio drives truly customizable AI copilots

AnswerRocket, an innovator in generative AI (GenAI)-powered analytics, is debuting Skill Studio, which aims to cut through noise in AI copilot adoption and development. With a plethora of AI copilots on the market promising the world—and failing to deliver, according to AnswerRocket—Skill Studio enables enterprises to build deeply custom AI that meets the unique needs of data regardless of the department or role it resides in. 

AI’s exploding popularity has directly led to a proliferation of tools and solutions at an enterprise’s disposal. Yet AI copilots, which are designed to act as a powerful tool for accessing data and streamlining operations, have fallen short, according to AnswerRocket. This widening gap between AI copilots and addressing niche, department-level and role-level needs has led AnswerRocket to innovate.

“Lots of sources are talking about lots of ways to get a copilot. This announcement is about empowering existing teams, using their existing competencies, data sources, and tools to make copilots fully under their own control,” said Mike Finley, CTO and chief scientist at AnswerRocket. “It’s allowing businesses to truly augment their GenAI with the core knowledge of their own operation.”

Skill Studio enables organizations to create highly specialized AI copilots—based on domain-, department-, or role-specific proprietary knowledge—that ultimately empower business users, analysts, and data scientists to operate collaboratively instead of independently.

Skill Studio acts as the extended “brain” behind Max, AnswerRocket’s AI entity that users interact with when inquiring about their data, according to Vivian Kim, director of marketing at AnswerRocket. Users customize the data and analyses being fed into Max via Skill Studio, which in turn enriches Max with the complex information specific to a role, department, or any other environment.

Skill Studio further allows existing machine learning (ML) algorithms to be deployed within Max, meeting enterprises exactly where they are in their analytics journeys.

“Skill Studio allows the developer and the analysts to imprint that very specialized and probably company-specific process, or even to mark a departmental-specific process, into our AI assistant, Max,” said Kim. “It's almost like plugins that you can add on top of Max's core understanding and core skill set that it comes with out-of-the-box.”

AnswerRocket provides an end-to-end experience that underpins the software development lifecycle for developers, allowing them to develop, test, and deploy various “Skills” to the AnswerRocket platform. Skill Studio then enables developers to use the Git provider and integrated development environment (IDE) solution of their choice, empowering skill set compatibility, overall flexibility, and future-proof development.

Skill Studio supports multi-source and multi-modal analytical processes within Max, including both structured and unstructured data.

“Not only can this solution help you analyze quantitative numerical structured data, but now documents, presentations, [and] market research reports are viable sources of data that can be also analyzed and leveraged for insights,” explained Kim. “We're trying to bring together those two sides of the work that are being done today [analytical and business-centered] and making it accessible through this assistant.”

Regarding security, AnswerRocket delivers row- and column-level security permissions on the data itself. Users cannot access data they do not have permission for, keeping sensitive data safe across the enterprise.

These capabilities are centralized within a user-friendly interface, where developers and analysts can easily produce customized Skills to support their varying needs. AnswerRocket also provides pre-built code blocks—spanning analyses, insights, charts, and tables functionality—to accelerate custom Skill development. AnswerRockets offers a testing framework for ensuring that Skills produce accurate, viable answers.

With Skill Studio, “you can actually get help from AI to do your role…versus taking over your role. We think the human will still want and need to play an important position in reviewing, vetting, [and] making decisions off of the insights it's getting from AI,” said Kim. “This is going to give you a really big efficiency boost and allow you to focus your time on [more] pressing priorities.”

“No more stale training for models that don’t know your business. No more tweaking page after page of prompt language and hoping nothing breaks. No more starting over with yet another new platform… [Skill Studi] ties it all together and really makes GenAI a first-class player in the enterprise analysis toolbox,” added Finley.

To learn more about AnswerRocket’s Skill Studio, please visit https://answerrocket.com/.

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