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KM Drill Down Videos

KM and Customer Engagement in the Age of AI: Q&A with Ashu Roy, CEO, eGain

Three capabilities are crucial for GenAI to do well in an organization. Number one is the presence and availability of correct content, which is continuously refreshed and updated. The second is appropriate controls so that you can point GenAI to the right sort of tasks and subtasks, and do it in a way that you are constantly monitoring whether it is in fact working well or not. The last bit is analytics—to be able to see what, ultimately, is the operational impact of having GenAI in your environment, delivering some sort of assistance either to your employees or to your end customers, depending on your level of comfort and the type of use case. So those are the three things that knowledge really brings in and dovetails well with eGain AI capabilities.

Content Annotation, Taxonomy and Search Findability A conversation with Lynette Ledoux, Customer Success and Search Specialist, SearchUnify

High content quality, including good metadata and tagging, is key to the effective usability of enterprise search for multiple business use cases. However, "writing for the web" type training for content authors does not focus much, if at all, on the elements of findability that can be embedded into content.

How Knowledge-as-a-Service Meets Organizations' KM Challenges and Changing Needs: Q&A with John Chmaj, senior director for KM strategy, Verint

We're seeing an explosion of creativity as we bring our technology and expertise to bear in expanding the ways in which our solutions can work together to define digital-first capabilities. Knowledge is the oil that runs through the digital-first engine. It's foundational to so many digital-first experiences so any tool that gives answers, supports transactions, or automated information pushes to people, leverages knowledge.

Rethinking Enterprise Search Q&A with Massood Zarrabian CEO of BA Insight, and Sean Coleman, Chief Customer Officer of BA Insight

How enterprise search has evolved dramatically over the past few years and how companies can leverage a modern search platform to deliver a Google-like search experience that can deliver tangible benefits for companies and their employees.

Making Information Governance Pay Off With Integrated Data Governance - Q&A with Irene Polikoff, CEO and Co-Founder, TopQuadrant

Today, data governance is recognized as foundational for leveraging the full benefit of data and information. Across a range of industry sectors, including healthcare and pharma and banking and financial services, it is vital to have a comprehensive, standardized view of terminology, metadata, and data connections.

Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning: Part 1 Q&A with Sebastian Schmidt, CEO of metaphacts

Today, organizations need to make information accessible to all their users, not just a select few. But getting information to the people in an organization who need it, when they need it, continues to be a widespread challenge. In a recent KMWorld Drill Down Video Interview, Sebastian Schmidt, CEO of metaphacts, explained how to help knowledge workers gain direct access to actionable data for faster, more informed decision making.

Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning: Part 2 Q&A with Sebastian Schmidt, CEO of metaphacts

In part 2 of this interview, Schmidt outlines the approach that metaphacts takes with customers to help make knowledge democratization a reality and explains the role that knowledge graphs play in the process.

Making Enterprise Search Work Like Google - Q&A with Kamran Khan, President and CEO of Pureinsights

User expectations of enterprise search are higher than ever. Recently, Kamran Khan, former president and CEO of Search Technologies (which was acquired by Accenture in 2017)—and now president and CEO of Pureinsights—spoke with KMWorld about what has changed in search over the last 2 decades, what Pureinsights uniquely brings to search, and how new approaches can make search work like Google at the enterprise level.

Evaluating Enterprise Search Solutions Today - Q&A with Dr. John Lewis, Chief Knowledge Officer of SearchBlox

Getting the right data to the right users at the right time is becoming more difficult than ever. Recently, Dr. John Lewis, author of Story Thinking, and chief knowledge officer of SearchBlox, spoke with KMWorld about what users want in a search solution and how SearchBlox sets itself apart.