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Twelve Labs’ API Playground empowers video-driven industries with semantic video search

The video search and understanding company, Twelve Labs, is unveiling that its API Playground—developed to enable users to index and search videos—has officially entered its private beta stage. Developers, and those without a technological skill set, will both be able to capitalize on the API Playground’s semantic video search, due to its no-code accessibility.

“We aim to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to experience the benefits of video search,” said Jae Lee, CEO and co-founder of Twelve Labs. “With the API Playground, we reduce cycles for developers while strengthening visibility and communication between teams. Everyone can use the API Playground to understand how the technology works and can be applied to meet their specific needs. We believe this is the best approach for teams to evaluate our product and to advance broader adoption of video search.”

The API Playground aims to support intelligent, video-driven applications that require particular metrics that vary across their respective organizations’ needs. According to the company, anyone can use the API Playground; since it requires no coding, the platform can be leveraged by any team within an organization, developer or not. Anyone within an organization can use the API Playground to utilize its search functions, as well as to make informed decisions regarding innovation, according to the company.

The needs of the customer are individualized and unique—and Twelve Labs recognizes that. With the API Playground, organizations can test the platform on their own data to evaluate its search results accuracy, allowing the organization to determine if API Playground is right for them. Developers can also test performance without the hassle of coding, see search queries and responses, and view the code at present and once integrated within the platform.

“The company’s vision is to help developers build programs that can understand the world by providing them with the world’s most powerful video understanding infrastructure,” said Lee. “Making videos semantically searchable is the first problem that the company seeks to solve through video understanding.”

Twelve Labs presents the API Playground as a foundational model for multimodal video understanding that is equipped to be applied to numerous industries with varying contexts. Users of the platform can create their own index and select analysis options suited for their needs; once the videos are uploaded and indexed, queries are run based on the user’s specifications, which then alerts the users to the closest matches based on the percentage of each option present. On the user’s end, they can click on the analyzed video and view snippets that best correlate with their search.

The open beta for the API Playground will become available early next year—general availability for any user who signs up for an account will also be available. 

To learn more about the beta, please visit https://twelvelabs.io/.

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