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$50M investment in Dialpad fosters continued research and development of AI technologies

Dialpad, Inc., the provider of an AI-powered customer intelligence platform, is announcing its recent $50 million financial backing, empowering the enterprise’s research and development of automated and predictive AI technologies.

Ultimately, the enterprise seeks to research and develop AI technologies to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of consumers, which increasingly demand real-time interaction.

“Over the next five years, Dialpad is committed to the scientific research required to move the benefits of AI to the next level,” said Craig Walker, CEO and founder of Dialpad. “Dialpad’s intuitive AI insights will simplify how work is done by enabling the end-users to become more informed decision-makers and better understand customers’ unique needs.”  

Dialpad’s investment comes after a series of successful AI technology development and production, including its real-time speech recognition engine for enterprise conversations; real-time assist with answer suggestions; virtual agents via self-service web and chatbots; and Ai CSAT, which can infer customer satisfaction from service interactions.

Dialpad has also created DialPad Ai Labs, which offers a culmination of insights via access to Dialpad’s AI research, upcoming features, and beta-testing access.

“There is a huge opportunity to leverage AI to drive customer intelligence for every business in the world, which is why we’re bullish on AI-powered insights such as Ai CSAT, churn prediction, and revenue prediction,” said Dan O’Connell, chief strategy officer at Dialpad. “Another major area for us is workflow automation, to leverage AI to save time and increase productivity; we’re doubling down on our search and information retrieval capabilities to do things such as suggest answers to questions and append notes to CRM records. This additional investment ensures that we will remain a leader in delivering cutting-edge AI-powered features. We have a unique and exceptional AI team made up of industry experts in product, engineering, and research. Dialpad Ai Labs provides an opportunity to leverage this talent to further experiment in AI-feature development and push boundaries in exploration.”

For more information about Dialpad, please visit https://www.dialpad.com/.

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