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CogniVision OneView innovates decades-old document viewing technology

CogniVision, provider of document display technology, is launching CogniVision OneView, a response toward a widening gap in document viewing and display technologies. CogniVision OneView is a patented universal viewer for Microsoft SharePoint built to limit time expenditures required for finding and reviewing information from search results.

CogniVision OneView leverages human pattern recognition and cognitive capabilities to enhance the viewer interface, fueled by modern technology and AI-driven enterprise content search. The solution improves search times by a factor of ten, cracking down on how much text the user has to ingest, according ro the vendor.

“Search typically takes one to five seconds,” said Basker Krishnan, CEO of CogniVision. “However, reviewing search results and finding specific information within documents is often tedious and time-consuming.” 

SharePoint’s search visualization options are entirely limited and antithetical to the way human brains process information, according to the company. CogniVision OneView employs image-based search results—in contrast to SharePoint’s traditional textual summaries—allowing the solution to act as a “display engine” that combines images, page filtering, adjacent display panels, and keyword highlighted search.

The aforementioned features amalgamate to a display and navigation system aiming to replicate the analog user experience of working with paper files in locating information within digital documents from SharePoint’s search results, and do so ten times faster than present viewers, according to the company. CogniVision leaves behind a minimal footprint, doing nothing to change SharePoint itself, user’s schema, taxonomy, or metadata. CogniVision OneView is an alternate Viewer for SharePoint to streamline the search and review process, providing value without impacting current user workflows.

CogniVision one view is a subscription-based service, available for deployment on-premises, in a private cloud, or as a secure SaaS.

For more information or to request a demo of CogniVision OneView, please visit https://cognivision.com/.

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