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SugarCRM and Mediafly partner to empower enhanced, data-driven sales at scale

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SugarCRM, the provider of the award-winning AI-driven sales automation platform, and Mediafly, a leader in sales enablement and content management, are announcing a technology partnership with the goal of helping sales teams maximize their customer engagement with innovative new tooling. 

As today’s business world begins to lean less and less on salespeople, these personas must make the very most of their limited time with customers, according to the companies. Not only must they be able to make informed decisions in real time and provide relevant content to customers when they need it, but they must also ensure that they provide the right content throughout the entire sales lifecycle—even if they’re not engaging directly with customers. 

To remediate these challenges, SugarCRM and Mediafly are debuting new AI and machine learning (ML)-based tools that afford sales reps the ability to prepare and discover content, share it with customers, and better comprehend how customers engage with that information, according to the companies. With Mediafly for Sugar, enterprises can empower customer-facing teams with the necessary content and analytics that boosts the quality of selling experiences, ultimately leading to greater business success. 

“Today’s buyers are more informed; they interact with salespeople much later in the buying cycle and they expect information on-demand, tailored to their specific business needs,” said Clint Oram, chief strategy officer and co-founder of SugarCRM. “Sugar and Mediafly provide a one-stop shop for sales, buyer, and partner enablement content, all surfaced directly within Sugar, for a seamless experience that empowers buyers—and sellers—with the right content at the right time.”

The new tooling brings the following capabilities:

  • Manage sales content—regardless of its format—at scale, consumable through any device via online and offline channels
  • Optimize content performance with trackable customer meetings, sales content interactions, and sales performance
  • Customer engagement scoring based on their interest in the content
  • Analytics-based insights to inform next-best actions during selling
  • Insights regarding most used, viewed, or shared content
  • Content and engagement analytics synced back to SugarCRM 

“It’s becoming increasingly challenging for sellers to generate and serve up content that is timely, brand-compliant, and which meets the needs of customers throughout the sales cycle,” said Tony Kavadas, chief partner officer at Mediafly. “Mediafly seamlessly integrates with the Sugar platform to help customer-facing teams collaborate, predict, assess, engage, and execute better across the customer lifecycle—all from a single interface.”

To learn more about SugarCRM and Mediafly’s latest tooling, please visit https://www.sugarcrm.com/ or https://www.mediafly.com/

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