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Daasity unveils its consultancy agency for driving data-centric environments based on Daasity analytics

Daasity, a data and analytics platform built for omnichannel consumer brands, is debuting its latest offering—the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency—engineered to meet enterprises where they are in their data journeys by providing extensive expertise in becoming truly data-driven. With services ranging from offloading or augmenting ETL (extract, load, transform) to strategic analytical needs, the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency unlocks critical insights necessary for accelerating positive business outcomes.

According to the company, the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency innovates on enterprise business value while reducing potential costs, offering businesses a way to become data-centric through custom analytics solutions, corporate data strategy advice, and more.

Instead of having to hire a full-time data analyst and expanding their data teams, the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency offers its consultant services at a fraction of the cost, according to the company. Pairing the Daasity platform with the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency allows enterprises to leverage both the analytical power of Daasity with the agency’s insightful strategic planning—without draining company resources.

Becoming data-centric is more than just having the right tools at your disposal, according to Dan LeBlanc, CEO and co-founder of Daasity. He further explained that “It isn't just about going and having an analytics platform; it's much more than just having tools. It's about how you use a tool.”

“We kind of started to realize where companies were being successful and where they weren't. What we noticed were the ones that were really being successful…[understood] their business and understanding the role,” LeBlanc continued.

To enable enterprises to better understand their business without breaking the bank, the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency goes through a discovery process for an organization, understanding its unique needs and identifying strategic gaps that need to be addressed. The agency then offers its expertise that will provide enterprises with the ability to truly understand and optimize their business strategies from a data perspective.

Unlike other services that operate on SaaS models, the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency’s goal is to equip an enterprise with enough business know-how that they no longer need the service, according to the vendor.

“Our goal is to help you become data-driven. And if you can end up not using our agency anymore, we've won,” said LeBlanc.

Focused on helping enterprises meet their data goals, the unique power of both the Daasity platform and the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency propels businesses toward data-centric success, according to the company.

“We've launched this agency because we've recognized that by having both the software and the agency, we're uniquely positioned to help enterprises because we don't have competing priorities between companies where those are separate,” concluded LeBlanc.

To learn more about the Daasity Data & Analytics Agency, please visit https://www.daasity.com/.

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