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How eGain Knowledge Hub is the perfect match for knowledge management with SharePoint

As content and knowledge generation by enterprises exponentially increases, these companies are often left with a management headache—unable to effectively manage and pull from content and knowledge stores in platforms like Microsoft SharePoint Online.

KMWorld hosted a webinar, titled “Expand the Business Value of SharePoint with a Knowledge Hub,” featuring speakers Arvind Gopal, VP of product management at eGain and Happy Minocha, VP of application development at eGain, to address the common challenges presented by usage of Microsoft SharePoint Online; Gopal and Minocha propose eGain Knowledge Hub as the one-stop-shop solution for knowledge and content management.

eGain, a customer engagement automation company, was founded in 1997 with a focus on the efficient use of knowledge management and artificial intelligence.

Gopal emphasized enterprise content chaos, referring to the siloed, scattered, and inconsistent knowledge and content generated by enterprises. According to Microsoft, 100 petabytes of new content is created in SharePoint alone by enterprises each month—and they struggle to manage it all. In a survey conducted by IDC, knowledge workers spend 20% of their time looking for information and knowhow in the enterprise, a significantly large problem for contact center agencies.

The solution to this knowledge-content issue is the eGain Knowledge Hub, according to Gopal. As a single, harmonized platform for managing knowledge, users can connect to all content sources within the enterprise and are able to write, collaborate, and approve content. The platform also features advanced compliance management, automations, and intelligence addition capabilities, as well as profiling and publishing everywhere within the platform. Users can track usage continuously, allowing for knowledge to be refined for easier access.

eGain Knowledge Hub is not just about content, however—it also has the ability to conduct AI-driven conversations, with 360-context of the customer. It provides interactive process flows and profiled access, allowing for users to personalize and connect to all the various systems within an enterprise.

The central stack of eGain Knowledge Hub is multilingual, customizable, and brings its own taxonomies, search, and guidance functions. It also supplies eGain Knowledge Hub Analytics, enabling users to measure with dashboards, as well as slice and dice information so they can continuously improve the knowledge.

Integration with Microsoft SharePoint Online provides a comprehensive way to unify knowledge across sources and serve the same high-quality knowledge at every touchpoint, unlocking and surfacing the existing content in SharePoint Online repositories for employees, according to Minocha. No coding is required by administrators to set up and configure for large-scale accessibility; within the platform, users can see content from eGain Knowledge and SharePoint side by side with just one query. The integration brings all a user’s information from SharePoint to a centralized location, even allowing SharePoint document previews without leaving the hub.

Accommodating a variety of use cases in industries like insurance, airline, and asset management, eGain Knowledge Hub with SharePoint Online integration seeks to alleviate the pain points of content and knowledge management without sacrificing efficiency.

You can view an archived version of this webinar here.

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