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Descope drives greater self-service and frictionless onboarding for its CIAM platform

Descope, the drag-and-drop customer authentication and identity management platform, is introducing new onboarding and self-service capabilities to its CIAM platform that enable enterprises to keep up with the evolving demands of customer expectations.

The modern customer anticipates that the applications they interact with are both frictionless and personalized. On top of that, they also have a variety of preferences—including being able to invite teammates to the app, manage permissions, set up SSO connections, and more—that they desire without having to encounter support or open help tickets, according to Descope.

To offer customers this sort of experience—which is intertwined with often complex customer identity and access control—Descope enables organizations to add authentication, authorization, and identity management to their apps via customizable visual workflows. With Descope, enterprises can enhance user onboarding with passwordless authentication as well as enhance security with robust MFA and drive enterprise-readiness with SSO and user provisioning.

“Ensuring that customer authentication processes are secure is a tricky balancing act,” said Arkadiy Goykhberg, CISO at Branch Insurance, a Descope customer. “Descope’s flexible workflow approach has helped us add strong, phishing-resistant WebAuthN authentication when end-user hardware and software support it and fall back on other MFA options when it can't be supported. Visualizing the user journey as a workflow enables us to audit and modify the registration and authentication journey without making significant code changes.”

Descope’s latest self-service and improved onboarding capabilities include:

  • Embeddable customer-facing widgets that allow end users to invite team members, assign roles, and manage access keys
  • A/B testing functions within Descope workflows that enable traffic to be divided among different onboarding paths
  • Journey funnel analytics that measure A/B test results, surface drop-off points, and visualize the impact of security controls
  • Self-service SAML provisioning workflows
  • New plug-and-play connectors with Segment and HubSpot for syncing customer identities with go-to-market systems

“Many business processes are built around iteration based on customer feedback, but customer identity systems have tended to stay static because they are usually complex to implement and modify,” said Slavik Markovich, co-founder and CEO of Descope. “Our new self-service and experimentation capabilities will help customers rapidly prototype and test out new auth methods or onboarding sequences without touching their app’s codebase. We’re excited to see our customers’ CIAM systems be as agile as their products are!”

“Our user onboarding flow is a critical part of our business,” said John MaGee, product manager at Branch Insurance. “Apart from improving security, Descope's workflow-based approach has helped us streamline and personalize our onboarding journey—from the initial email invite to the user's first login. It has also let us quickly experiment and iterate, as changes can easily be made in Descope's flow builder. We rely on the Segment connector to capture and share user journey touchpoints with other tools. We’re also excited about Descope’s self-service widgets and how it can help us place more control in the hands of our users.”

To learn more about Descope, please visit https://www.descope.com/.

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