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Treasure Data and Artefact partner to improve marketing team efficiency and efficacy

Treasure Data, the enterprise customer data platform (CDP) provider, and Artefact, the international data services company, are announcing a formal partnership aimed at increasing business value for their clients’ marketing campaigns while improving and personalizing customer experiences.

This collaboration combines the powers of Treasure Data’s Customer Data Cloud—an AI-enabled suite of CDP solutions—and Artefact’s consultancy services—which provide end-to-end support for numerous marketing processes—to enhance the power of first-party data from Treasure Data for improved business value and ROI.

“Artefact recognizes the benefits of leveraging Treasure Data’s innovative Customer Data Cloud, and we are proud to work closely with them,” said Kazuki Ohta, CEO and co-founder of Treasure Data. “Our partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to providing enterprises with a holistic view of their customers, along with unified customer insights that effectively support their marketing strategies to drive engagement and business results. We look forward to helping our joint global customers achieve these goals.”

Artefact will be able to offer its clients visibility into their data maturity and readiness to implement a CDP, which then informs the setup and integration of the CDP based on how it will best fit the client’s ecosystem. On top of that, Artefact leads CDP solutions integration with dedicated applications, as well as runs Booster Programs to monitor the ROI of marketing actions, according to the vendors. With this valuable information in hand, marketing teams will be able to enhance customer journeys more effectively with personalized messages to their prospective clients.

“Customer data platforms are powerful tools that are increasingly being adopted as organizations realize that to build a sustainable and futureproof ecosystem their first-party data must be the focal point of their marketing operations,” stated Vincent Luciani, Artefact CEO and co-founder. “Working with Treasure Data’s state-of-the-art technology, Artefact’s expert teams ensure that customers maximize their investment and demonstrate value by delivering tangible and relevant results, as well as enhanced customer experiences.''

This collaborative effort from Treasure Data and Artefact offers the following benefits:

  • Optimized client acquisition strategies through enriched insights
  • Media budget savings through audience suppression applications
  • Increased conversion rate through automated setup of customer journeys

To learn more about this partnership, please visit https://www.treasuredata.com/ or https://www.artefact.com/.

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